Senator Brian Dansel


Prime Sponsored Bills

Bill NumberBrief Description
SB 6194 Providing a process for county legislative authorities to withdraw from voluntary planning under the growth management act.  Fiscal Note
SB 6219 Concerning actions for damage arising from vehicular traffic on a primitive road. 
SB 6245 Concerning the role of parties in cases related to certain notices and records.  Fiscal Note
SB 6287 Concerning a pilot program for cougar control.  Fiscal Note
SB 6288 Concerning water quality determinations made by the department of ecology.  Fiscal Note
SB 6461 Establishing a process for the payment of impact fees through provisions stipulated in recorded covenants.  Fiscal Note
SR 8675 Recognizing the British Columbia Legislative Internship Program. 

Secondary Sponsored Bills

Bill NumberBrief Description
SB 6043 Establishing a cap for resident undergraduate tuition rates.
Revised for 1st Substitute: Creating a task force to make recommendations on resident undergraduate tuition policy.
  Fiscal Note
SB 6051 Concerning Washington state department of transportation projects. 
SB 6058 Allowing incremental electricity produced as a result of efficiency improvements to hydroelectric generation projects whose energy output is marketed by the Bonneville power administration to qualify as an eligible renewable resource under the energy independence act. 
SB 6076 Concerning the maintenance and operations of parks and recreational land acquired through the conservation futures program. 
SB 6090 Modifying driving under the influence and physical control of a vehicle under the influence provisions.  Fiscal Note
SB 6117 Concerning storm water control facility rates.  Fiscal Note
SB 6118 Protecting citizens from the application of foreign laws that would result in a violation of a constitutional right. 
SB 6161 Requiring state funding to support professional development for K-12 educators.  Fiscal Note
SB 6190 Clarifying the application of the public records act to county officials. 
SB 6255 Modifying references to manufacturing standards for motorcycle helmets. 
SB 6256 Creating a motorcycle road guard certificate.  Fiscal Note
SB 6402 Defining honey bee products and services as an agricultural product.  Fiscal Note
SB 6432 Removing references to federal manufacturing standards. 
SB 6463 Including the facilities of certain public water systems in the utilities element of a comprehensive plan. 
SB 6509 Concerning fish barrier removals.  Fiscal Note
SB 6512 Concerning federal funding programs requiring changes in state law.  Fiscal Note
SB 6546 Restoring resources to the capital budget. 
SJR 8213 Amending the Constitution to require a two-thirds majority vote of the legislature to raise taxes. 
SR 8672 Honoring the National Guard. 
SR 8676 Celebrating the Seattle Seahawks. 
SR 8680 Honoring the life and work of Senator Paull Shin. 
SR 8681 Commemorating the 125th anniversary of the Enabling Act. 
SR 8684 Honoring Eastern Washington University President Dr. Rodolfo Arévalo. 
SR 8686 Honoring Captain William Swenson. 
SR 8687 Acknowledging the seventy-second anniversary of the signing of Executive Order 9066, and recognizing Japanese-American internees and World War II veterans. 
SR 8690 Celebrating the Washington State Apple Blossom Festival. 
SR 8694 Honoring women and girls in sports. 
SR 8702 Celebrating Navy Appreciation Day. 
SR 8704 Recognizing Avista Corp. 
SR 8705 Recognizing Judi Best.