Transportation, Joint Committee -  07/24/13  10:00 am

Full Committee
(360) 786-7329
Hansen Building, Room 114, Centralia College
600 Centralia College Boulevard
Centralia, WA

  1. Introductions and Welcome.
  2. Local Transportation Needs:
    1. A panel of city officials will discuss their local transportation issues and needs.
  3. WSDOT Report on Reduced Staffing Levels:
    1. ESSB 5024, Sec 601 directs WSDOT to reduce the size of the engineering and technical workforce, and to report on progress made in the 2011-2013 biennium by July 1, 2013.
    2. Keith Metcalf, Assistant Secretary of Engineering and Regional Operations.
  4. 2013 JTC Studies:
    1. JTC staff will present the four studies to be conducted within existing funds in the 2013 interim.
      1. Tacoma Narrows Bridge Refinance Opportunities - Mary Fleckenstein, Project Manager.
      2. Columbia River Crossing Oversight Subcommittee - Mary Fleckenstein, Project Manager.
      3. Subagents Workgroup on Vehicle Registration Requirements - Gene Baxstrom, Project Manager.
      4. Surplus Property - Gene Baxstrom, Project Manager.
  5. Transportation Project Efficiencies Study:.
    1. ESSB 5024, Sec 204(1) directed JTC to conduct a study of transportation project cost drivers and potential efficiencies. The goal is to construct and operate projects more efficiently and at a lower cost, while ensuring appropriate environmental and regulator protections are maintained and a quality project is delivered.
    2. Beth Redfield, Project Manager; Allegra Calder, BERK and Associates and Kathy Scanlan, Scanlan Consulting.
  6. BNSF - A Statewide Perspective on Commodity Trains:.
    1. Representatives from the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad (BNSF) will discuss freight movements from a statewide perspective, with a specific focus on commodity trains and other movements that are driving growth in traffic. The primary focus will be on impacts to the transportation system.
    2. Terry Finn, Director, Government Affairs and Greg Guthrie, General Director of Agricultural Marketing.
  7. Cities and Local Freight Impacts:.
    1. A panel of cities will discuss impacts of increased train traffic and other freight issues on their local transportation infrastructure, and the operation of their cities.
    2. Mayor Sean Guard of Washougal and Mayor Dave Earling of Edmonds.
  8. Adjourn.

Please note: Topics, actions, and times are subject to change.