Transportation, Joint Committee -  08/20/12  1:00 pm

Columbia River Crossing Oversight Subcommittee
(360) 786-7313
WSDOT SW Region Offices
11018 NE 51st Circle
Vancouver, WA

  1. Meeting objectives.
    1. Understand how the locally preferred alternative was selected, including what other alternatives were evaluated and implications of changing the Record of Decision.
    2. Receive an update on Coast Guard bridge permit application.
    3. Understand federal funding components of project's finance plan.
  2. Welcome - Rep. Mike Armstrong.
  3. Record of Decision on Local Preferred Alternative - Nancy Boyd and Paula Hammond, Washington Transportation Secretary.
    1. Implications of changing the FEIS for project schedule, cost and funding.
    2. Activities after ROD - construction planning and mitigation, permitting.
  4. Getting to the Locally Preferred Alternative.
    1. Alternatives Development and Analysis - Nancy Boyd, Washington CRC Project Director and Heather Wills, CRC Environmental Manager.
    2. Replacement bridge level - Kris Strickler, Oregon CRC Project Director.
    3. Transit mode - Steve Witter, TriMet and Scott Peterson, C-Tran.
  5. Coast Guard Bridge Permit update - Kris Strickler and Jay Lyman, David Evans & Associates.
    1. Outreach to impacted river users.
    2. Economic analysis.
  6. Funding Plan update.
    1. Federal Transit Administration New Starts Program - Rick Krochalis, FTA.
    2. Federal Reauthorization and TIFIA Program - Dan Mathis and Phil Ditzler, FHWA Oregon Division Director.
    3. C-Transit Light Rail Operation and Maintenance Ballot Measure - Scott Peterson, C-Tran.
  7. Future meetings and agenda topics - Mary Fleckenstein.
  8. Adjourn.