Agenda for Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Joint, Select & Other Committees

Transportation, Joint Committee

Transportation, Joint Committee -  06/19/12  10:00 am

Columbia River Crossing Oversight Cmte
(360) 786-7313
Vancouver City Hall
415 W 6th St
Vancouver, WA

  1. Introductions.
    1. Review mission, schedule, format for meetings.
  2. Columbia River Crossing Project background.
    1. Project overview.
    2. Project cost estimate overview.
    3. Presentation and discussion of quarterly report, including funding levels provided by each state.
    4. Description of ESSB 6445 and CRC-related provisos adopted in 2012.
  3. Summary of Financial Plan: State, Federal and Tolling Assumptions, appropriations to date from all sources.
  4. Project tour abroad a C-Tran bus.
    1. Project staff discuss the project.
    2. Presentation by Port of Vancouver on the importance of the project to the port.
    3. C-Tran Executive Director discussions of C-Tran-related issues.
  5. Update from Oregon's Legislative Oversight Committee.
    1. Three co-chairs of Oregon Oversight Committee will be invited.
    2. Activity by Oregon Legislature and Executive Branch.
    3. Activity by the Oversight Committee and planned future activity.
  6. Summary of upcoming WSDOT work.
    1. Traffic and Revenue Study.
    2. Bridge Height Resolution Plan.
    3. Project Phasing Options.
    4. Next state of Federal Transit Administration Process.
    5. Governance proposal.
    6. C-Tran expert review panel.
  7. Discuss schedule, topics, and participants for future meetings.
  8. Adjourn.

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