Agenda for Thursday, May 17, 2012

Joint, Select & Other Committees

Legislative Audit & Review Committee, Joint

Legislative Audit & Review Committee, Joint -  05/17/12  10:00 am

Full Committee
(360) 786-5288
Senate Hearing Rm 4
J.A. Cherberg Building
Olympia, WA

  1. 2011-13 Work Plan.
  2. Approval of January 11, 2012, JLARC meeting minutes.
  3. Involuntary Treatment Judicial Costs: Actual Cost Data Not Available: Estimates Suggest Wide Range in Average Case Costs - Preliminary Report.
  4. Workplace Safety & Health Program: Activities are Responsive and Preventative, Using Data-Driven Approaches - Preliminary Report.
  5. Lottery Marketing & Incentive Pay: Jackpot and Economy, Not Advertising or Beneficiary Change, Appear to Impact Ticket Sales - Proposed Final Report.
  6. Lodging Tax Revenues: About Eight Percent of Funds Sponsor Nonprofit Events and Facilities, But Information is Inadequate to Estimate Economic Impact - Proposed Final Report.
  7. Higher Education Tuition-Setting Authority and Opportunity Scholarships & Expansion Program - Proposed Scope & Objectives.

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