Agenda for Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Joint, Select & Other Committees

Education Funding, Jt. Task Force

Education Funding, Jt. Task Force* -  11/07/12  9:00 am

Full Committee
(360) 786-7126
Federal Way City Cnl Chambers
33325 8th Ave S
Federal Way, WA

REVISED on 11/2/2012 at 1:59 PM

  1. Opening remarks.
  2. Review committee assignment.
  3. Follow-up on prior agenda items.
    1. Difference between state allocation for salaries and total salary costs.
    2. Recap spending decisions from October 12th meeting, reaffirm what was decided, and come to near-final positions regarding the total cost of the recommendation.
    3. Other follow-up.
  4. Options for funding additional K-12 spending.
    1. Budget reductions, including holding non K-12 spending to zero growth .
    2. General revenue options including increasing rates of major sources, repealing tax exemptions, adding new tax sources.
    3. Overview of levies and levy equalization.
    4. Summary of two prior local/state levy proposals (Sen. Zarelli, Rep. Hunter).
  5. General discussion & work plan for next meeting.
  6. Summarize committee progress.
  7. Public testimony.

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