Senator Christine Rolfes


Prime Sponsored Bills

Bill NumberBrief Description
SB 5006 Concerning uncontested rate modifications for utilities and transportation commission regulated water companies.  Fiscal Note
SB 5142 Incorporating motorcycles into certain transportation planning. 
SB 5195 Allowing nonprofit institutions recognized by the state of Washington to be eligible to participate in the state need grant program.  Fiscal Note
SB 5216 Addressing long-term care insurance.  Fiscal Note
SB 5301 Regarding student suspension and expulsion.  Fiscal Note
SB 5311 Removing the requirement that housing organizations apply to the Washington state quality award program.  Fiscal Note
SB 5365 Increasing the capacity of school districts to recognize and respond to troubled youth.  Fiscal Note
SB 5366 Requiring the office of the superintendent of public instruction to assist school districts in disclosing information about required assessments. 
SB 5411 Requiring the ballot proposition to reduce the terms of office of port commissioners to be submitted at the next general election. 
SB 5454 Concerning the testing of infants placed in out-of-home care whose human immunodeficiency virus is unknown.  Fiscal Note
SB 5513 Regulating the use of off-road vehicles in certain areas.  Fiscal Note
SB 5532 Requiring crisis intervention training for peace officers. 
SB 5533 Fostering economic development through revitalization of abandoned and vacant properties.  Fiscal Note
SB 5534 Assessing a penalty on certain motor vehicle-related violations to provide funding for the Washington state strategic highway safety plan.  Fiscal Note
SB 5535 Concerning the recording of real property encumbrance transfers and assignments. 
SB 5572 Regarding the sea cucumber dive fishery.  Fiscal Note
SB 5573 Implementing the first biennium spending plan recommendations of the joint task force on education funding. 
SB 5634 Clarifying the department of natural resources' authority to enter into cooperative agreements.  Fiscal Note
SB 5649 Using the collaborative schools process for required action districts that continue to struggle to improve student academic achievement.  Fiscal Note
SB 5681 Facilitating treatment for persons with co-occurring disorders by requiring development of an integrated rule.  Fiscal Note
SB 5973 Creating the community forest trust account.  Fiscal Note
SB 6037 Concerning whistleblowers in the electrical industry.  Fiscal Note
SB 6047 Setting a maximum annual gross sales amount for cottage food operations.  Fiscal Note
SB 6072 Providing for a biennial update on forage fish. 
SB 6093 Allowing valid portable background check clearance cards issued by the department of early learning to be used by certain educational employees and their contractors for purposes of their background check requirements.  Fiscal Note
SB 6132 Allowing medicare supplemental insurance premiums to be deducted from the calculation of disposable income for the purpose of qualifying for senior property tax programs.  Fiscal Note
SB 6161 Requiring state funding to support professional development for K-12 educators.  Fiscal Note
SB 6262 Enhancing the safety of the transportation of oil. 
SB 6271 Addressing long-term care insurance price transparency. 
SB 6532 Establishing competitive wages for beginning teacher salaries. 
SB 6552 Improving student success by increasing instructional hour and graduation requirements.
Revised for 2nd Substitute: Improving student success by modifying instructional hour and graduation requirements.
SR 8609 Celebrating outdoor recreation in Washington state. 
SR 8705 Recognizing Judi Best. 

Secondary Sponsored Bills

Bill NumberBrief Description
SB 5009 Concerning health plan coverage for the voluntary termination of a pregnancy. 
SB 5029 Creating the Washington investment trust.  Fiscal Note
SB 5037 Concerning the labeling of seafood.  Fiscal Note
SB 5038 Enhancing the basic education allocation formula for principals, assistant principals, and other certificated building-level administrators to support the teacher evaluation program requirements of RCW 28A.405.100. 
SB 5061 Addressing a veteran's preference for the purpose of public employment. 
SB 5062 Providing measures to deal with squatters on foreclosed properties. 
SB 5066 Authorizing certain local authorities to establish maximum speed limits on certain nonarterial highways. 
SB 5072 Concerning a sales and use tax exemption for disabled veterans and members of the armed forces for certain equipment and services that assist physically challenged persons to safely operate a motor vehicle.  Fiscal Note
SB 5073 Concerning the disclosure of foods produced through genetic engineering.  Fiscal Note
SB 5076 Requiring information on home energy efficiency to be included in residential home inspection reports.  Fiscal Note
SB 5117 Regarding family involvement coordinators in public schools.  Fiscal Note
SB 5129 Authorizing the establishment and use of veterans' treatment courts.  Fiscal Note
SB 5141 Allowing motorcycles to stop and proceed through traffic control signals under certain conditions.  Fiscal Note
SB 5146 Creating a competitive grant program for informal science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education.  Fiscal Note
SB 5148 Allowing for redistribution of medications under certain conditions.  Fiscal Note
SB 5155 Regarding long-term suspension or expulsion from school.  Fiscal Note
SB 5161 Authorizing certain eligible family members of United States armed forces members who died while in service or as a result of service to apply for gold star license plates.  Fiscal Note
SB 5172 Enacting the Ike act. 
SB 5178 Modifying organized retail theft provisions.  Fiscal Note
SB 5179 Removing the one-year waiting period for veterans or active members of the military for purposes of eligibility for resident tuition.  Fiscal Note
SB 5181 Concerning flame retardants.  Fiscal Note
SB 5197 Requiring additional safety features in school construction and remodeling.
Revised for 2nd Substitute: Taking measures to promote safe school buildings.
  Fiscal Note
SB 5202 Creating the companion animal safety, population control, and spay/neuter assistance program.  Fiscal Note
SB 5211 Concerning social networking accounts and profiles.
Revised for 1st Substitute: Concerning social networking accounts and profiles. (REVISED FOR PASSED LEGISLATURE: Concerning personal social networking accounts. )
SB 5231 Ensuring hunter safety.  Fiscal Note
SB 5233 Establishing a training program for managers of manufactured housing communities.  Fiscal Note
SB 5241 Concerning nonresident vessel permits and taxation.  Fiscal Note
SB 5260 Authorizing regular meetings of county legislative authorities to be held at alternate locations within the county. 
SB 5265 Regarding transparency in patient billing.  Fiscal Note
SB 5268 Extending the time period for voter registration. 
SB 5270 Allowing motor voter preregistration for sixteen and seventeen year olds.  Fiscal Note
SB 5299 Concerning the creation of a special license plate dedicated to raising revenue to fund preventative wolf management efforts at the department of fish and wildlife.  Fiscal Note
SB 5300 Enhancing wolf management efforts through the promotion of cooperative agreements. 
SB 5332 Modifying the percentage of votes required to approve benefit charges for fire protection districts.
Revised for 1st Substitute: Modifying the percentage of votes required to continue benefit charges for fire protection districts.
SB 5333 Providing mental health first-aid training to teachers and educational staff.  Fiscal Note
SB 5346 Restoring funding to in-home care services.  Fiscal Note
SB 5350 Modifying collective bargaining law related to providing additional compensation for academic employees at community and technical colleges. 
SB 5356 Changing the unemployment insurance shared work program by adopting short-time compensation provisions in the federal middle class tax relief and job creation act of 2012.  Fiscal Note
SB 5357 Directing state investments of existing litter tax revenues under chapter 82.19 RCW in material waste management efforts without increasing the tax rate.  Fiscal Note
SB 5389 Concerning sibling visitation for children in foster care.
Revised for 2nd Substitute: Concerning sibling visitation and sibling contact for children in foster care. (REVISED FOR PASSED LEGISLATURE: Concerning limitations on visitation or contact with children in foster care. )
  Fiscal Note
SB 5420 Creating a two-year freeze on tuition rates at four-year institutions of higher education. 
SB 5428 Creating initiatives in high schools to save lives in the event of cardiac arrest. 
SB 5447 Addressing the unintentional lapses of long-term care insurance policies.  Fiscal Note
SB 5468 Modifying the definition of tourist for the purposes of the lodging tax.  Fiscal Note
SB 5473 Enacting the Washington voting rights act of 2013.  Fiscal Note
SB 5481 Developing and enforcing standards for the department of social and health services' supported living program. 
SB 5483 Regarding the financial education public-private partnership.  Fiscal Note
SB 5484 Concerning assault in the third degree occurring in areas used in connection with court proceedings.  Fiscal Note
SB 5490 Concerning veterans' assistance levies.  Fiscal Note
SB 5491 Establishing statewide indicators of educational health.  Fiscal Note
SB 5497 Concerning assault in the third degree against a school employee.  Fiscal Note
SB 5506 Concerning funding for the safe routes to school program. 
SB 5507 Increasing transparency of donors to candidates and ballot measures. 
SB 5526 Ensuring fairness to employers by protecting employees.  Fiscal Note
SB 5537 Improving the quality and value of health care with greater transparency of price and quality data.  Fiscal Note
SB 5540 Expanding opportunities to purchase health care coverage from out-of-state carriers.  Fiscal Note
SB 5548 Limiting differential tuition.  Fiscal Note
SB 5563 Regarding training for school employees in the prevention of sexual abuse.  Fiscal Note
SB 5564 Addressing when vehicles overtake and pass pedestrians or bicyclists. 
SB 5567 Changing requirements for membership on community and technical college boards of trustees. 
SB 5569 Establishing a requirement and system for reporting incidents of student restraint and isolation in public schools. 
SB 5570 Concerning school funding. 
SB 5571 Increasing public awareness of mental illness and its consequences.  Fiscal Note
SB 5576 Concerning health plan coverage for the voluntary termination of a pregnancy.  Fiscal Note
SB 5592 Modifying the use of certain toll bridge revenue.  Fiscal Note
SB 5595 Concerning child care reform.  Fiscal Note
SB 5624 Aligning high-demand secondary STEM or career and technical education programs with applied baccalaureate programs.  Fiscal Note
SB 5638 Addressing the fiscal impacts of bills and budgets.  Fiscal Note
SB 5653 Promoting a balanced financing system for state parks programs and services in order to facilitate resource stewardship, interpretative activities, cultural events, and works of art in state parks.  Fiscal Note
SB 5657 Concerning state parks and recreation.  Fiscal Note
SB 5663 Regarding derelict and abandoned vessels in state waters.  Fiscal Note
SB 5665 Concerning geoduck diver licenses.  Fiscal Note
SB 5667 Providing for a single set of laws and procedures governing online learning. 
SB 5671 Concerning accountability in providing opportunities for certain students to participate in transition services. 
SB 5673 Creating a two-year freeze on tuition rates at community and technical colleges. 
SB 5674 Allowing wine and beer sampling at farmers markets.  Fiscal Note
SB 5691 Concerning veterans' homes.  Fiscal Note
SB 5706 Concerning accountability in providing opportunities for certain students to participate in transition services.  Fiscal Note
SB 5707 Regarding net metering of electricity. 
SB 5710 Concerning reckless endangerment resulting from unsafe storage of firearms. 
SB 5711 Requiring universal background checks for firearms transfers. 
SB 5782 Establishing standards for the use of public unmanned aircraft systems. 
SB 5785 Modifying requirements for the display and replacement of license plates.  Fiscal Note
SB 5798 Concerning health plan coverage for the voluntary termination of a pregnancy. 
SB 5800 Limiting the scope of the department of transportation's administration of the state's ferry system. 
SB 5801 Concerning the review of and recommendations for ferry fares. 
SB 5806 Repealing an obsolete provision for a credit against property taxes paid on timber on public land. 
SB 5814 Concerning for hire vehicles, limousines, and taxicabs. 
SB 5818 Supporting K-12 career education, exploration, and planning. 
SB 5826 Addressing the shared leave pool.  Fiscal Note
SB 5865 Exempting from use tax certain purchases from nonprofit organizations or libraries sold as a fund-raising activity.  Fiscal Note
SB 5890 Concerning the titling and registration of vehicles.  Fiscal Note
SB 5909 Expanding STEM education to include the arts. 
SB 5958 Concerning accountability in providing opportunities for certain students to participate in transition services.  Fiscal Note
SB 5959 Concerning professional educator learning days. 
SB 5960 Changing the requirements for the relevant multiple measures of student growth used in teacher and principal evaluations. 
SB 5964 Concerning training public officials and employees regarding public records, records management, and open public meetings requirements.  Fiscal Note
SB 5969 Providing for awarding academic credit for military training.  Fiscal Note
SB 5970 Evaluating military training and experience toward meeting licensing requirements.  Fiscal Note
SB 5972 Specifying recovery for fire damages to public or private forested lands.  Fiscal Note
SB 5974 Concerning veterans' homes.  Fiscal Note
SB 5975 Concerning the veterans innovations program.  Fiscal Note
SB 5985 Concerning the recovery of costs in consumer protection actions.  Fiscal Note
SB 5989 Strengthening economic protections for veterans and military personnel.  Fiscal Note
SB 6039 Ensuring hunter safety.  Fiscal Note
SB 6041 Regarding fish and wildlife law enforcement.  Fiscal Note
SB 6044 Establishing career and technical course equivalencies in science and mathematics.  Fiscal Note
SB 6046 Implementing procedures concerning certain whistleblowers.  Fiscal Note
SB 6048 Concerning flame retardants.  Fiscal Note
SB 6049 Providing a business and occupation tax credit for businesses that hire veterans.  Fiscal Note
SB 6050 Concerning communication of mammographic breast density information to patients. 
SB 6068 Concerning the continuity and stability of child care.  Fiscal Note
SB 6071 Addressing the monthly salary and benefits paid to state patrol officers.  Fiscal Note
SB 6074 Enacting provisions to improve educational outcomes for homeless students.  Fiscal Note
SB 6080 Concerning a fishing line or monofilament recycling pilot program.  Fiscal Note
SB 6086 Reducing polychlorinated biphenyls in Washington state.
Revised for 1st Substitute: Reducing PCBs in products purchased by agencies.
  Fiscal Note
SB 6092 Concerning credit requirements for high school graduation.  Fiscal Note
SB 6098 Increasing transparency of campaign contributions.  Fiscal Note
SB 6106 Requiring charter schools to implement the four-level evaluation systems for classroom teachers and principals.  Fiscal Note
SB 6107 Concerning implementation of the learning assistance program for students needing remediation.  Fiscal Note
SB 6108 Implementing linear K-3 class size reductions. 
SB 6112 Requiring classroom instruction regarding harassment, intimidation, and bullying prevention policies and procedures.  Fiscal Note
SB 6124 Developing a state Alzheimer's plan.  Fiscal Note
SB 6127 Improving quality in the early care and education system.  Fiscal Note
SB 6142 Standards for detention of persons with mental disorders or chemical dependency. 
SB 6149 Addressing contractor liability for industrial insurance premiums for not-for-profit nonemergency medicaid transportation brokers.  Fiscal Note
SB 6153 Requiring the collection of teacher attendance that matches student, course, and teacher.  Fiscal Note
SB 6162 Subjecting federally recognized Indian tribes to the same conditions as state and local governments for property owned exclusively by the tribe.  Fiscal Note
SB 6163 Creating the summer knowledge improvement pilot program.
Revised for 2nd Substitute: Concerning expanded learning opportunities.
  Fiscal Note
SB 6168 Concerning review of licensing and employment decisions by the children's administration.
Revised for 1st Substitute: Concerning licensing and employment decisions by the children's administration.
  Fiscal Note
SB 6171 Creating passenger-only ferry service districts.  Fiscal Note
SB 6172 Protecting Washington citizens from warrantless surveillance, reducing liability, and establishing clear standards under which agencies may utilize unmanned aerial vehicles.  Fiscal Note
SB 6189 Delaying the requirement for increased K-12 instructional hours.  Fiscal Note
SB 6197 Concerning pro rata credits for service outages to telecommunications consumers. 
SB 6209 Concerning expanded learning opportunities.  Fiscal Note
SB 6225 Concerning restoration of funding to in-home care services. 
SB 6228 Concerning transparency tools for consumer information on health care cost and quality.  Fiscal Note
SB 6233 Assisting self-employed small business owners adversely impacted by health insurance premium changes.  Fiscal Note
SB 6235 Restoring the suspended inflationary increases in educational employee compensation.  Fiscal Note
SB 6240 Concerning retailer labeling requirements for asbestos-containing building materials. 
SB 6241 Requiring that reports be submitted to legislative education committees.  Fiscal Note
SB 6242 Concerning waivers from the one hundred eighty-day school year requirement. 
SB 6246 Designating Washington's shoreline as a state maritime heritage area. 
SB 6266 Concerning the written notice requirement for nonrenewal and transfer of educational staff. 
SB 6272 Concerning manufacturer and new motor vehicle dealer franchise agreements. 
SB 6296 Requiring an electric motorcycle registration renewal fee.
Revised for 1st Substitute: Reducing the electric motorcycle registration renewal fee.
  Fiscal Note
SB 6304 Preserving patient and practitioner freedom to obtain and provide health care by prohibiting unfair and deceptive practices in contracting for and managing health care delivery under health plans.  Fiscal Note
SB 6312 Concerning state purchasing of mental health and chemical dependency treatment services.  Fiscal Note
SB 6313 Concerning a surcharge for local homeless housing and assistance.  Fiscal Note
SB 6316 Clarifying artistic or cultural exhibitions, presentations, or performances or cultural or art education programs. 
SB 6318 Providing greater small business assistance by modifying the filing threshold for business and occupation tax purposes.
Revised for 1st Substitute: Providing greater small business assistance by modifying the filing threshold for excise tax purposes.
SB 6337 Implementing selected education reforms using recommendations from the quality education council's 2014 report to the legislature.  Fiscal Note
SB 6364 Concerning parental rights and responsibilities of sexual assault perpetrators and survivors. 
SB 6365 Creating a pilot program to provide educational stability for homeless children. 
SB 6381 Concerning watershed councils in the Puget Sound basin.  Fiscal Note
SB 6412 Concerning tax, penalty, and interest assessments on claims for collection of sales tax debt.  Fiscal Note
SB 6413 Clarifying prior offenses for driving under the influence or physical control of a vehicle under the influence.  Fiscal Note
SB 6414 Improving lobbyist reporting and disclosure.  Fiscal Note
SB 6415 Concerning consecutive sentences for driving under the influence or physical control of a vehicle under the influence of intoxicating liquor, marijuana, or any drug.  Fiscal Note
SB 6417 Involving communities in environmental decision making. 
SB 6419 Concerning expanding access to medicaid programs in border communities.  Fiscal Note
SB 6431 Concerning assistance for schools in implementing youth suicide prevention activities.  Fiscal Note
SB 6438 Enhancing the basic education allocation formula to adopt the staffing resources recommended by the quality education council. 
SB 6439 Concerning preventing harassment, intimidation, and bullying in public schools.  Fiscal Note
SB 6441 Concerning consumer warranty protections. 
SB 6442 Allowing sales of growlers of cider. 
SB 6443 Modifying time period and monetary limits on ferry vessel and terminal work by state forces.
Revised for 1st Substitute: Removing time period limitations on ferry vessel and terminal work by state forces.
  Fiscal Note
SB 6449 Restricting the practice of sexual orientation change efforts. 
SB 6477 Increasing tax exemption transparency and accountability. 
SB 6504 Modifying requirements for pedestrians walking along roadways. 
SB 6508 Encouraging private landowners to allow public access to their land.  Fiscal Note
SB 6509 Concerning fish barrier removals.  Fiscal Note
SB 6520 Changing provisions relating to the early learning advisory council. 
SB 6523 Expanding higher education opportunities for certain students.  Fiscal Note
SB 6528 Requiring the reporting on certain surveys by the transportation commission. 
SB 6530 Restoring cost-of-living increases for educational employees. 
SB 6531 Establishing the minimum wage for classified school employees. 
SB 6546 Restoring resources to the capital budget. 
SB 6556 Studying barriers to access. 
SB 6567 Adjusting the oil spill response tax and oil spill administration tax.
Revised for 1st Substitute: Imposing the oil spill response tax and oil spill administration tax on crude oil received by rail.
  Fiscal Note
SB 6574 Improving education financing. 
SB 6576 Concerning oil spill prevention and response.  Fiscal Note
SJM 8002 Requesting an amendment to the United States Constitution to return the authority to regulate election campaign contributions to congress and state legislatures. 
SJM 8008 Requesting that congress pass and the president sign legislation implementing certain visa reforms. 
SJM 8012 Requesting that Congress enact legislation that would reinstate the separation of commercial and investment banking functions that were in effect under the Glass-Steagall act. 
SJM 8015 Requesting Congress implement certain increased safety measures for tank rail cars. 
SR 8604 Honoring the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 
SR 8612 Honoring Senator Jerome Delvin. 
SR 8613 Honoring the National Guard. 
SR 8618 Acknowledging the seventy-first anniversary of the signing of Executive Order 9066, and recognizing Japanese-American internees and World War II veterans. 
SR 8621 Recognizing the Washington state wing of the Civil Air Patrol. 
SR 8622 Recognizing Gifted Education Day and Week. 
SR 8623 Offering best wishes for a fulfilling retirement to Consul General Gao Zhansheng. 
SR 8625 Celebrating the 100th birthday of Washington State Parks. 
SR 8629 Honoring the Seattle Raging Grannies. 
SR 8630 Celebrating the one hundredth anniversary of the Department of Agriculture. 
SR 8634 Commemorating the career of U.S. Representative Norm Dicks. 
SR 8635 Honoring individuals with autism. 
SR 8636 Honoring Peace Corps volunteers and recognizing the 2013 Top Peace Corps Volunteer-Producing Colleges. 
SR 8641 Recognizing and expressing appreciation for Sea Service personnel. 
SR 8643 Proclaiming Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day. 
SR 8648 Honoring Consul General Kiyokazu Ota of Japan. 
SR 8649 Celebrating the culture and heritage of Norway on May 17, 2013. 
SR 8651 Honoring Doris M. Brougham for her lifelong achievements. 
SR 8652 Recognizing religious freedom in Washington State. 
SR 8655 Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the 1963 American Mt. Everest Expedition. 
SR 8656 Recognizing the Owen family and honoring Tim and Cheryl Owen. 
SR 8663 Commending Trooper Sean M. O'Connell Jr. for his exemplary service. 
SR 8664 Remembering the life and legacy of Senator Mike Carrell. 
SR 8667 Modifying rules 41 and 56 of the permanent rules of the Senate. 
SR 8669 Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 
SR 8672 Honoring the National Guard. 
SR 8673 Honoring individuals with autism. 
SR 8676 Celebrating the Seattle Seahawks. 
SR 8678 Recognizing lung cancer as a public health priority. 
SR 8680 Honoring the life and work of Senator Paull Shin. 
SR 8681 Commemorating the 125th anniversary of the Enabling Act. 
SR 8682 Recognizing the Washington state wing of the Civil Air Patrol. 
SR 8683 Celebrating the accomplishments of Senator George Fleming. 
SR 8684 Honoring Eastern Washington University President Dr. Rodolfo Arévalo. 
SR 8686 Honoring Captain William Swenson. 
SR 8687 Acknowledging the seventy-second anniversary of the signing of Executive Order 9066, and recognizing Japanese-American internees and World War II veterans. 
SR 8691 Recognizing Kicks for a Cure. 
SR 8693 Recognizing the Miss Auburn Scholarship Program. 
SR 8694 Honoring women and girls in sports. 
SR 8697 Honoring students from Tahoma High School. 
SR 8699 Modifying Senate Rule 7 of the Permanent Rules of the Senate. 
SR 8702 Celebrating Navy Appreciation Day. 
SR 8706 Recognizing athletes for their performances at the 2014 Winter Olympics. 
SR 8707 Recognizing women in leadership. 
SR 8709 Honoring Norway's Constitution Day. 
SR 8710 Wishing the commercial fishing fleet a safe and prosperous season. 
SR 8712 Recognizing women in leadership. 
SR 8713 Honoring Staff Sergeant Ty Michael Carter. 
SR 8714 Honoring Sergeant Leroy Arthur Petry.