Senator Sharon Brown


Prime Sponsored Bills

Bill NumberBrief Description
SB 5648 Making energy conservation a top priority by adding new incentives and aligning the timing of the acquisitions of eligible renewable resources, electricity, or equivalent renewable energy credits, with the need for additional electric generating resources to serve consumers' loads, without changing the eligible renewable targets. 
SB 5679 Improving the business climate and stimulating job creation by requiring certain agencies to establish a formal review process of existing rules.  Fiscal Note
SB 5680 Promoting economic development by providing information to businesses.  Fiscal Note
SB 5701 Authorizing the suspension or revocation of certificates or permits to teach based on the fraudulent submission of tests for educators. (REVISED FOR ENGROSSED: Authorizing penalties based on the fraudulent submission of tests for educators. ) 
SB 5705 Concerning amounts received by taxing districts from property tax refunds and abatements. 
SB 5718 Providing monitoring of the development of a one-stop portal for Washington businesses.  Fiscal Note
SB 5765 Promoting economic development through business and government streamlining projects.  Fiscal Note
SB 5825 Allowing nurses and physicians to satisfy a portion of their continuing education credits through providing services to medicaid enrollees or the uninsured. 
SB 5832 Addressing agreements between the Washington state patrol, the Washington state department of transportation, and other government entities for police services for projects involving state highway routes and public safety services.  Fiscal Note
SB 5927 Concerning the right to engage in commerce free from discrimination. 
SB 6045 Promoting economic development through enhancing transparency and predictability of state agency permitting and review processes.  Fiscal Note
SB 6057 Concerning tax credits for hiring individuals with developmental disabilities.  Fiscal Note
SB 6058 Allowing incremental electricity produced as a result of efficiency improvements to hydroelectric generation projects whose energy output is marketed by the Bonneville power administration to qualify as an eligible renewable resource under the energy independence act. 
SB 6059 Concerning charges for scanning public records.  Fiscal Note
SB 6190 Clarifying the application of the public records act to county officials. 
SB 6322 Providing telecommunications investment incentives.  Fiscal Note
SB 6323 Changing public disclosure commission membership provisions. 
SB 6442 Allowing sales of growlers of cider. 
SB 6515 Creating a pilot program that provides incentives for investments in Washington state job creation and economic development.  Fiscal Note
SR 8624 Congratulating the Seattle Seahawks. 
SR 8642 Celebrating the National Day of the Cowboy. 
SR 8671 Recognizing Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month. 
SR 8696 Celebrating the National Day of the Cowboy. 

Secondary Sponsored Bills

Bill NumberBrief Description
SB 5614 Encouraging reconciliation and nonadversarial approaches to dissolution.  Fiscal Note
SB 5636 Providing a process for county legislative authorities to withdraw from voluntary planning under the growth management act. 
SB 5669 Concerning trafficking.  Fiscal Note
SB 5671 Concerning accountability in providing opportunities for certain students to participate in transition services. 
SB 5672 Supporting youth programs through agricultural fairs and the horse racing commission. 
SB 5677 Authorizing the establishment of a water management board in the Methow watershed.  Fiscal Note
SB 5698 Providing access to health insurance for certain law enforcement officers' and firefighters' plan 2 members catastrophically disabled in the line of duty.  Fiscal Note
SB 5703 Concerning the distribution of state liquor revenues to cities and counties. 
SB 5704 Concerning tax collection by the county treasurer. 
SB 5709 Concerning a pilot program to demonstrate the feasibility of using densified biomass to heat public schools.  Fiscal Note
SB 5716 Requiring a summary of capital appropriations by legislative district to accompany each capital appropriations bill. 
SB 5717 Addressing competitive contracting.  Fiscal Note
SB 5720 Concerning passenger-carrying vehicles for railroad employees. 
SB 5723 Authorizing enhanced raffles conducted by bona fide charitable or nonprofit organizations serving individuals with intellectual disabilities.  Fiscal Note
SB 5741 Allowing the use of lodging taxes for financing workforce housing and tourism promotion activities or facilities.  Fiscal Note
SB 5751 Requiring an inventory of state fees.  Fiscal Note
SB 5759 Concerning data collection and operational cost funding for the Washington state economic development commission.  Fiscal Note
SB 5766 Improving relationships between agricultural producers and state regulatory staff.  Fiscal Note
SB 5769 Adding electricity from hydroelectric generation projects with a generating capacity of thirty megawatts or less that do not impede migrating fish to the definition of an eligible renewable resource for the purposes of chapter 19.285 RCW. 
SB 5775 Allowing for a veteran designation on drivers' licenses and identicards.  Fiscal Note
SB 5808 Affirming centralized payroll services as nontaxable between affiliated companies.  Fiscal Note
SB 5813 Supporting youth programs through agricultural fairs.  Fiscal Note
SB 5815 Prohibiting a person from selling or giving a vapor product designed solely for smoking or ingesting tobacco or shisha to a minor. 
SB 5820 Providing for a suspension of the growth management act during certain periods of high unemployment within a county. 
SB 5831 Providing a sales and use tax exemption for clay targets purchased by nonprofit gun clubs.  Fiscal Note
SB 5869 Requiring expiration of enactments of the legislature with fiscal impacts unless funding is provided. 
SB 5883 Providing for more equitable funding of public higher education. 
SB 5906 Maintaining access to state recreational lands managed by the department of natural resources. 
SB 5907 Ensuring no net loss of public access to state recreational lands.  Fiscal Note
SB 5948 Concerning state procurement of goods and services. 
SB 5952 Incentivizing a long-term commitment to maintain and grow jobs in the aerospace industry in Washington state by extending the expiration date of aerospace tax preferences and expanding the sales and use tax exemption for the construction of new facilities used to manufacture superefficient airplanes to include the construction of new facilities used to manufacture commercial airplanes or the wings or fuselage of commercial airplanes.  Fiscal Note
SB 5953 Making appropriations specifically for activities related to the aerospace industry for permitting and training, including program development, staff, facilities, and equipment. 
SB 5969 Providing for awarding academic credit for military training.  Fiscal Note
SB 5988 Restricting the solicitation and acceptance of campaign contributions. 
SB 5991 Studying nuclear power as a replacement for electricity generated from the combustion of fossil fuels. 
SB 5992 Allowing certain incremental electricity produced as a result of efficiency improvements and hydroelectric generation from certain irrigation facilities to qualify as an eligible renewable resource under chapter 19.285 RCW, the energy independence act. 
SB 6000 Providing a property tax exemption for property held under lease, sublease, or lease-purchase by a nonprofit organization that provides job training, placement, or preemployment services.  Fiscal Note
SB 6011 Increasing penalties for random assaults. 
SB 6042 Establishing an incentive-based methodology of distributing state appropriations to public four-year institutions of higher education. 
SB 6043 Establishing a cap for resident undergraduate tuition rates.
Revised for 1st Substitute: Creating a task force to make recommendations on resident undergraduate tuition policy.
  Fiscal Note
SB 6049 Providing a business and occupation tax credit for businesses that hire veterans.  Fiscal Note
SB 6050 Concerning communication of mammographic breast density information to patients. 
SB 6051 Concerning Washington state department of transportation projects. 
SB 6052 Concerning habitat and recreation land acquisitions.  Fiscal Note
SB 6069 Modifying community custody conditions for sex offenders.  Fiscal Note
SB 6071 Addressing the monthly salary and benefits paid to state patrol officers.  Fiscal Note
SB 6074 Enacting provisions to improve educational outcomes for homeless students.  Fiscal Note
SB 6081 Creating a grant program to develop and modernize specialized STEM facilities.
Revised for 1st Substitute: Concerning grant programs for specialized STEM and all-day kindergarten education facilities.
  Fiscal Note
SB 6084 Concerning property tax exemptions for service-connected disabled veterans and senior citizens.  Fiscal Note
SB 6088 Reducing the size of the state supreme court.  Fiscal Note
SB 6089 Prohibiting the use of eminent domain for economic development. 
SB 6090 Modifying driving under the influence and physical control of a vehicle under the influence provisions.  Fiscal Note
SB 6096 Providing for property tax exemption for the value of new construction of industrial/manufacturing facilities in targeted urban areas.  Fiscal Note
SB 6103 Concerning misrepresentation of a floral product business's geographic location.  Fiscal Note
SB 6104 Establishing the interactive gaming in schools public-private partnership.  Fiscal Note
SB 6142 Standards for detention of persons with mental disorders or chemical dependency. 
SB 6179 Authorizing workers' compensation group self-insurance plans.  Fiscal Note
SB 6180 Consolidating designated forest lands and open space timber lands for ease of administration.  Fiscal Note
SB 6182 Establishing a tax credit for employers participating in the apprenticeship program. 
SB 6183 Requiring public employee collective bargaining sessions to be open meetings. 
SB 6191 Increasing the seriousness level for manslaughter in the second degree.  Fiscal Note
SB 6192 Requiring the department of corrections to supervise domestic violence offenders who have a conviction and were sentenced for a domestic violence felony offense that was plead and proven.  Fiscal Note
SB 6194 Providing a process for county legislative authorities to withdraw from voluntary planning under the growth management act.  Fiscal Note
SB 6195 Concerning long-term funding for a state tourism marketing program.  Fiscal Note
SB 6211 Concerning the termination of basic food benefits to incarcerated persons.  Fiscal Note
SB 6249 Establishing new authority for courts to assess cost recovery fees for costs associated with new indigent defense standards.  Fiscal Note
SB 6258 Using conservation achieved by a qualifying utility in excess of its biennial acquisition target under the energy independence act. 
SB 6298 Creating the breastfeeding-friendly Washington designation for hospitals.  Fiscal Note
SB 6318 Providing greater small business assistance by modifying the filing threshold for business and occupation tax purposes.
Revised for 1st Substitute: Providing greater small business assistance by modifying the filing threshold for excise tax purposes.
SB 6361 Concerning incrementally increasing the distribution percentage of liquor revolving fund revenues under RCW 66.08.190 to cities and counties.  Fiscal Note
SB 6386 Clarifying provisions that allow for the tasting of alcohol by students under twenty-one years of age. 
SB 6402 Defining honey bee products and services as an agricultural product.  Fiscal Note
SB 6413 Clarifying prior offenses for driving under the influence or physical control of a vehicle under the influence.  Fiscal Note
SB 6414 Improving lobbyist reporting and disclosure.  Fiscal Note
SB 6415 Concerning consecutive sentences for driving under the influence or physical control of a vehicle under the influence of intoxicating liquor, marijuana, or any drug.  Fiscal Note
SB 6458 Repealing provisions that establish the office of the insurance commissioner and replacing that office with a Washington state insurance board. (REVISED FOR ENGROSSED: Addressing the office of the insurance commissioner and matters related to health care insurance. )  Fiscal Note
SB 6512 Concerning federal funding programs requiring changes in state law.  Fiscal Note
SB 6538 Concerning early education for children involved in the child welfare system.  Fiscal Note
SB 6539 Clarifying the applicability of child abduction statutes to residential provisions ordered by a court. 
SB 6545 Extending specific aerospace tax preferences to include other types of commercial aircraft to encourage the migration of good wage jobs in the state.  Fiscal Note
SB 6546 Restoring resources to the capital budget. 
SB 6565 Concerning compensation of nursing and assisted living facilities, adult residential care, and enhanced adult residential care by health care service contractors. 
SJR 8212 Restricting changes in salaries for legislators.
Revised for 1st Substitute: Restricting changes in salaries for the governor and legislators.
SJR 8213 Amending the Constitution to require a two-thirds majority vote of the legislature to raise taxes. 
SR 8615 Honoring Washington girls and women in sports. 
SR 8616 Honoring the legacy of women legislators. 
SR 8617 Celebrating the presence of Filipino-Americans. 
SR 8618 Acknowledging the seventy-first anniversary of the signing of Executive Order 9066, and recognizing Japanese-American internees and World War II veterans. 
SR 8621 Recognizing the Washington state wing of the Civil Air Patrol. 
SR 8622 Recognizing Gifted Education Day and Week. 
SR 8623 Offering best wishes for a fulfilling retirement to Consul General Gao Zhansheng. 
SR 8626 Honoring athletes who participated in the 2013 Special Olympics. 
SR 8630 Celebrating the one hundredth anniversary of the Department of Agriculture. 
SR 8631 Honoring the legacy of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. 
SR 8632 Recognizing the British Columbia Legislative Internship Program. 
SR 8635 Honoring individuals with autism. 
SR 8636 Honoring Peace Corps volunteers and recognizing the 2013 Top Peace Corps Volunteer-Producing Colleges. 
SR 8639 Celebrating Catholic Schools Week. 
SR 8641 Recognizing and expressing appreciation for Sea Service personnel. 
SR 8651 Honoring Doris M. Brougham for her lifelong achievements. 
SR 8655 Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the 1963 American Mt. Everest Expedition. 
SR 8657 Honoring the life of Margaret Thatcher. 
SR 8659 Celebrating Red Hat Day. 
SR 8663 Commending Trooper Sean M. O'Connell Jr. for his exemplary service. 
SR 8664 Remembering the life and legacy of Senator Mike Carrell. 
SR 8669 Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 
SR 8672 Honoring the National Guard. 
SR 8676 Celebrating the Seattle Seahawks. 
SR 8680 Honoring the life and work of Senator Paull Shin. 
SR 8681 Commemorating the 125th anniversary of the Enabling Act. 
SR 8682 Recognizing the Washington state wing of the Civil Air Patrol. 
SR 8683 Celebrating the accomplishments of Senator George Fleming. 
SR 8684 Honoring Eastern Washington University President Dr. Rodolfo Arévalo. 
SR 8687 Acknowledging the seventy-second anniversary of the signing of Executive Order 9066, and recognizing Japanese-American internees and World War II veterans. 
SR 8688 Celebrating Filipino Americans. 
SR 8690 Celebrating the Washington State Apple Blossom Festival. 
SR 8694 Honoring women and girls in sports. 
SR 8698 Commemorating the career of J. A. Bricker. 
SR 8702 Celebrating Navy Appreciation Day. 
SR 8704 Recognizing Avista Corp. 
SR 8705 Recognizing Judi Best. 
SR 8706 Recognizing athletes for their performances at the 2014 Winter Olympics. 
SR 8707 Recognizing women in leadership. 
SR 8708 Expressing appreciation for Bonnie "Guitar" Buckingham. 
SR 8712 Recognizing women in leadership. 
SR 8713 Honoring Staff Sergeant Ty Michael Carter. 
SR 8714 Honoring Sergeant Leroy Arthur Petry. 
SR 8715 Honoring the 99th Anniversary of the National Champion 1915 Washington State College Football Team. 
SR 8716 Recognizing Congressman Doc Hastings. 
SR 8720 Commending Ben Moore.