Ways & Means Committee Reports

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Senate Ways & Means Committee staff prepare many legislative and citizen resource guides in the areas of budget and tax in Washington State. The guides serve as a quick reference for answers to general questions in these areas. Below are the most recent publications.

Summary of Select 2013 Interim Activities, Senate Committee Services

Bills Passed the 2014 Regular Session, Senate Committee Services

Budget Guides        

Citizen's Guide to the Budget (2014)

Citizen's Guide to K-12 Finance (2014)

Tax Guides

Legislative Guide to Washington State Property Taxes (2014)

Overview of Washington's Tax Structure (May 2006)


COLA History in Brief

Family Income Standards

Publications listed here can also be obtained in hardcopy form by contacting the Senate Ways & Means Committee.

(Note: These documents are presented in Adobe pdf format. To view them, you need to have Acrobat Reader, a free viewer from Adobe. To download this viewer, visit Adobe.com.)