Senator Steve O'Ban


Prime Sponsored Bills

Bill NumberBrief Description
HB 1537 Addressing a veteran's preference for the purpose of public employment. 
HB 1571 Concerning patient and staff safety at state hospitals. 
HB 1906 Modifying organized retail theft provisions. 
HB 1907 Creating a sentence enhancement for body armor. 
HB 1931 Concerning crimes against pharmacies. 
HB 1986 Requiring the reporting of highway construction project errors.  Fiscal Note
HB 1987 Concerning the design-build procedure for certain transportation projects.  Fiscal Note
HB 2021 Regarding sediment removal by citizen volunteers. 
HB 2070 Concerning Washington state department of transportation projects.  Fiscal Note
HJR 4209 Amending the state Constitution to allow a reasonable suspicion standard in certain searches of students on school grounds. 
HR 4624 Honoring the Third Stryker Brigade. 
SB 5969 Providing for awarding academic credit for military training.  Fiscal Note
SB 5970 Evaluating military training and experience toward meeting licensing requirements.  Fiscal Note
SB 6000 Providing a property tax exemption for property held under lease, sublease, or lease-purchase by a nonprofit organization that provides job training, placement, or preemployment services.  Fiscal Note
SB 6022 Protecting state hospital workers.  Fiscal Note
SB 6023 Including searches by school resource officers and local police school liaison officers within the warrantless school search exception. 
SB 6024 Modifying organized retail theft provisions. 
SB 6025 Creating a sentence enhancement for body armor.  Fiscal Note
SB 6027 Regarding sediment removal by citizen volunteers.  Fiscal Note
SB 6049 Providing a business and occupation tax credit for businesses that hire veterans.  Fiscal Note
SB 6050 Concerning communication of mammographic breast density information to patients. 
SB 6051 Concerning Washington state department of transportation projects. 
SB 6084 Concerning property tax exemptions for service-connected disabled veterans and senior citizens.  Fiscal Note
SB 6085 Concerning prior offenses within fifteen years for driving under the influence or physical control of a vehicle violations.  Fiscal Note
SB 6122 Concerning long-term planning for developmental disabilities services.  Fiscal Note
SB 6126 Concerning representation of children in dependency matters.  Fiscal Note
SB 6188 Dedicating a portion of state sales tax revenues derived from certain short-term major public events for county economic development use.  Fiscal Note
SB 6282 Modifying drug offender sentencing alternatives.  Fiscal Note
SB 6311 Concerning involuntary medication for maintaining the level of restoration in jail. 
SB 6318 Providing greater small business assistance by modifying the filing threshold for business and occupation tax purposes.
Revised for 1st Substitute: Providing greater small business assistance by modifying the filing threshold for excise tax purposes.
SB 6326 Modifying provisions governing the competitive bidding process of water-sewer districts. 
SB 6380 Concerning deficit reimbursement agreements with counties owning and operating ferry systems.  Fiscal Note
SB 6434 Concerning seizure and forfeiture of property for patronizing a prostitute. 
SB 6435 Ordering mandatory restitution for sexual exploitation of children.
Revised for 1st Substitute: Concerning victims of sexual exploitation of children.
SB 6464 Concerning health insurance coverage options for the citizens of Washington state.  Fiscal Note
SB 6468 Concerning suicide prevention. 
SB 6481 Funding recovery programs for persons with mental illness and chemical dependency disorders.  Fiscal Note
SB 6558 Concerning intensive home and community-based mental health services for medicaid-eligible children.  Fiscal Note
SB 6566 Affirming the authority of the clemency and pardons board to make recommendations to the governor regarding petitions for reprieve to ensure that victims, law enforcement, prisoners, and others are heard.  Fiscal Note
SJM 8015 Requesting Congress implement certain increased safety measures for tank rail cars. 
SR 8686 Honoring Captain William Swenson. 
SR 8713 Honoring Staff Sergeant Ty Michael Carter. 
SR 8714 Honoring Sergeant Leroy Arthur Petry. 
SR 8721 Honoring Jermaine Kearse. 

Secondary Sponsored Bills

Bill NumberBrief Description
HB 1014 Recognizing "Native American Heritage Day." 
HB 1158 Concerning the annexation of property owned by the state for military purposes.  Fiscal Note
HB 1314 Concerning municipally produced class A biosolids. 
HB 1315 Providing funding to continue standardized or mandatory criminal justice training associated with the criminal justice training commission.  Fiscal Note
HB 1319 Recognizing a welcome home Vietnam veterans day. 
HB 1329 Creating a sales tax holiday for back-to-school clothing and supplies.  Fiscal Note
HB 1336 Increasing the capacity of school districts to recognize and respond to troubled youth.  Fiscal Note
HB 1345 Regarding access to K-12 campuses for occupational or educational information. 
HB 1383 Modifying stalking and harassment protection order provisions.  Fiscal Note
HB 1388 Increasing penalties for vehicular homicide and vehicular assault.  Fiscal Note
HB 1389 Addressing the rights of crime victims. 
HB 1401 Addressing the timing of penalties under the growth management act.  Fiscal Note
HB 1412 Making community service a high school graduation requirement.
Revised for 1st Substitute: Making community service a high school graduation requirement. (REVISED FOR PASSED LEGISLATURE: Requiring school districts to adopt policies that provide incentives for students to participate in community service. )
  Fiscal Note
HB 1455 Eliminating the use of automated traffic safety cameras.  Fiscal Note
HB 1491 Concerning debt adjusting services.  Fiscal Note
HB 1495 Concerning access of tribal members to state land. 
HB 1520 Creating procedures for disposing property in the leased premises of a deceased tenant. 
HB 1554 Allowing fire departments to develop a community assistance referral and education services program.  Fiscal Note
HB 1563 Concerning the disposition of surplus property for the development of affordable housing.  Fiscal Note
HB 1591 Improving the business climate and stimulating job creation by requiring certain agencies to establish a formal review process of existing rules.  Fiscal Note
HB 1612 Concerning information on firearm offenders. (REVISED FOR PASSED LEGISLATURE: Concerning information on felony firearm offenders )
Revised for 1st Substitute: Concerning information on firearm offenders.
  Fiscal Note
HB 1615 Providing a business and occupation tax credit for businesses that hire unemployed veterans.  Fiscal Note
HB 1729 Prohibiting the possession of firearms by a criminal street gang associate or member. 
HB 1730 Adding drive-by shooting to the list of most serious offenses. 
HB 1731 Adding unlawful possession of a firearm in the first degree to the list of most serious offenses. 
HB 1744 Excusing work and school absences for a reason of faith or conscience. 
HB 1757 Providing monitoring of the development of a one-stop portal for Washington businesses.  Fiscal Note
HB 1774 Measuring performance of the child welfare system.
Revised for 1st Substitute: Measuring performance of the child welfare system. (REVISED FOR PASSED LEGISLATURE: Requiring measurement of performance and performance-based contracting of the child welfare system. )
  Fiscal Note
HB 1792 Adding the crimes of promoting travel for commercial sexual abuse of a minor and permitting commercial sexual abuse of a minor to seizure and forfeiture provisions. 
HB 1793 Adding certain sexual exploitation of children crimes to the definition of criminal profiteering. 
HB 1818 Promoting economic development through business and government streamlining projects.  Fiscal Note
HB 1877 Concerning regional transit authority boards.  Fiscal Note
HB 1878 Restoring state need grant award amounts for students at private, nonprofit degree-granting institutions.  Fiscal Note
HB 1909 Concerning veteran-owned businesses.  Fiscal Note
HB 1921 Including traffic congestion relief in the state transportation system policy goals. 
HB 1978 Addressing the permitting of certain transportation projects.  Fiscal Note
HB 1979 Implementing public-private partnership best practices for nontoll transportation projects.  Fiscal Note
HB 1985 Exempting future state transportation projects from state and local sales and use tax. 
HB 1988 Concerning the application of right-sizing to transportation projects.  Fiscal Note
HB 1989 Concerning the term of bonds issued for transportation purposes.  Fiscal Note
HB 1990 Concerning the construction of ferry vessels. 
HB 2024 Concerning legal proceedings by the attorney general on behalf of state officers.  Fiscal Note
HB 2025 Concerning design alternatives for the Columbia river crossing project. 
HB 2030 Modifying provisions that address impaired driving.  Fiscal Note
HJR 4206 Placing restrictions on tax increases. 
HCR 4404 Celebrating the life and legacy of William Booth Gardner. 
HR 4603 Recognizing the life and work of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 
HR 4605 Honoring Allen Hayward. 
HR 4609 Honoring the National Guard. 
HR 4611 Commending the Independent Colleges of Washington. 
HR 4615 Recognizing Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. 
HR 4616 Honoring Presidents' Day. 
HR 4617 Recognizing Japanese-American World War II veterans and internees. 
HR 4621 Celebrating Children's Day. 
HR 4622 Congratulating the Seattle Seahawks. 
HR 4627 Celebrating the one hundredth anniversary of the Department of Agriculture. 
HR 4630 Celebrating the 100th anniversary of Washington State Parks. 
HR 4633 Recognizing the Colton Wildcats Girls Basketball team. 
HR 4643 Honoring Washington state veterans who served in Vietnam. 
SB 5948 Concerning state procurement of goods and services. 
SB 5952 Incentivizing a long-term commitment to maintain and grow jobs in the aerospace industry in Washington state by extending the expiration date of aerospace tax preferences and expanding the sales and use tax exemption for the construction of new facilities used to manufacture superefficient airplanes to include the construction of new facilities used to manufacture commercial airplanes or the wings or fuselage of commercial airplanes.  Fiscal Note
SB 5953 Making appropriations specifically for activities related to the aerospace industry for permitting and training, including program development, staff, facilities, and equipment. 
SB 5965 Concerning sexually violent predators.  Fiscal Note
SB 5968 Addressing the safe care of inmates and suspects in Washington hospitals.  Fiscal Note
SB 5979 Modifying provisions governing commercial motor vehicles.  Fiscal Note
SB 5988 Restricting the solicitation and acceptance of campaign contributions. 
SB 5989 Strengthening economic protections for veterans and military personnel.  Fiscal Note
SB 5999 Concerning corporate entity conversions. 
SB 6009 Establishing a special allegation for habitual property offenders. 
SB 6011 Increasing penalties for random assaults. 
SB 6017 Modifying seizure and forfeiture provisions.
Revised for 1st Substitute: Concerning the use of proceeds from seizure and forfeiture activities from sexual exploitation of children and promoting prostitution.
  Fiscal Note
SB 6074 Enacting provisions to improve educational outcomes for homeless students.  Fiscal Note
SB 6089 Prohibiting the use of eminent domain for economic development. 
SB 6090 Modifying driving under the influence and physical control of a vehicle under the influence provisions.  Fiscal Note
SB 6101 Concerning extended foster care services.
Revised for 1st Substitute: Concerning expanding the categories of youth eligible for extended foster care services.
  Fiscal Note
SB 6125 Concerning eminent domain. 
SB 6127 Improving quality in the early care and education system.  Fiscal Note
SB 6150 Concerning Medal of Honor special license plates.  Fiscal Note
SB 6182 Establishing a tax credit for employers participating in the apprenticeship program. 
SB 6192 Requiring the department of corrections to supervise domestic violence offenders who have a conviction and were sentenced for a domestic violence felony offense that was plead and proven.  Fiscal Note
SB 6209 Concerning expanded learning opportunities.  Fiscal Note
SB 6211 Concerning the termination of basic food benefits to incarcerated persons.  Fiscal Note
SB 6221 Permitting school siting outside of urban growth areas. 
SB 6248 Making the unlawful possession of instruments of financial fraud a crime.  Fiscal Note
SB 6252 Concerning residence locations of felony sex offenders of minors.
Revised for 1st Substitute: Concerning residence locations of felony sex offenders.
  Fiscal Note
SB 6275 Concerning Indian tribes and dental health aide therapy services. 
SB 6279 Creating effective and timely access to magistrates for purposes of reviewing search warrant applications. 
SB 6353 Enacting the uniform power of attorney act. 
SB 6363 Creating the office of the behavioral health ombuds. 
SB 6365 Creating a pilot program to provide educational stability for homeless children. 
SB 6373 Concerning instruction in Spanish and Chinese languages.  Fiscal Note
SB 6387 Concerning individuals with developmental disabilities who have requested a service from a program that is already at capacity.  Fiscal Note
SB 6399 Creating an office of corrections ombuds.  Fiscal Note
SB 6400 Concerning insurance for enlisted members of the Washington national guard.  Fiscal Note
SB 6413 Clarifying prior offenses for driving under the influence or physical control of a vehicle under the influence.  Fiscal Note
SB 6513 Concerning court review of involuntary treatment decisions.  Fiscal Note
SB 6546 Restoring resources to the capital budget. 
SJR 8212 Restricting changes in salaries for legislators.
Revised for 1st Substitute: Restricting changes in salaries for the governor and legislators.
SJR 8213 Amending the Constitution to require a two-thirds majority vote of the legislature to raise taxes. 
SJR 8215 Amending the state Constitution so that only persons who are qualified voters in a county are elected or appointed to the office of judge of the superior court for that county. 
SR 8663 Commending Trooper Sean M. O'Connell Jr. for his exemplary service. 
SR 8664 Remembering the life and legacy of Senator Mike Carrell. 
SR 8669 Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 
SR 8672 Honoring the National Guard. 
SR 8673 Honoring individuals with autism. 
SR 8676 Celebrating the Seattle Seahawks. 
SR 8680 Honoring the life and work of Senator Paull Shin. 
SR 8681 Commemorating the 125th anniversary of the Enabling Act. 
SR 8682 Recognizing the Washington state wing of the Civil Air Patrol. 
SR 8683 Celebrating the accomplishments of Senator George Fleming. 
SR 8684 Honoring Eastern Washington University President Dr. Rodolfo Arévalo. 
SR 8687 Acknowledging the seventy-second anniversary of the signing of Executive Order 9066, and recognizing Japanese-American internees and World War II veterans. 
SR 8690 Celebrating the Washington State Apple Blossom Festival. 
SR 8692 Honoring the life and legacy of Senator R. Ted Bottiger. 
SR 8702 Celebrating Navy Appreciation Day. 
SR 8703 Honoring the Daffodil Festival. 
SR 8705 Recognizing Judi Best. 
SR 8707 Recognizing women in leadership. 
SR 8712 Recognizing women in leadership.