Senator James Hargrove


Prime Sponsored Bills

Bill NumberBrief Description
SB 5064 Concerning persons sentenced for offenses committed prior to reaching eighteen years of age.  Fiscal Note
SB 5100 Addressing the statute of limitations for sexual abuse against a child. 
SB 5137 Concerning department of fish and wildlife license suspensions.  Fiscal Note
SB 5147 Concerning juveniles and runaway children. 
SB 5165 Increasing the authority of superior court commissioners to hear and determine certain matters. 
SB 5175 Concerning sexual assault protection orders. 
SB 5176 Addressing criminal incompetency and civil commitment.  Fiscal Note
SB 5235 Modifying the requirements for purchase of care for Indian children.  Fiscal Note
SB 5286 Concerning the implementation of a statewide forest fire protection benefit charge.  Fiscal Note
SB 5289 Concerning the discover pass.  Fiscal Note
SB 5330 Improving student achievement and student outcomes.  Fiscal Note
SB 5565 Concerning background checks for individuals seeking a license under chapter 74.13 RCW or unsupervised access to children.  Fiscal Note
SB 5600 Concerning the definition of work activity for the purposes of the WorkFirst program.  Fiscal Note
SB 5623 Concerning shoreline master program provisions for marine aquaculture net pen facilities. 
SB 5659 Modifying assault in the third degree provisions. 
SB 5735 Concerning registered sex or kidnapping offenders.  Fiscal Note
SB 5744 Creating an industrial insurance high risk premium subsidy program.
Revised for 1st Substitute: Monitoring the progress of the logger safety initiative.
  Fiscal Note
SB 5786 Requiring certain information in commercial fishing guide license applications.  Fiscal Note
SB 5866 Extending the sales and use tax exemption for hog fuel used to produce electricity, steam, heat, or biofuel.  Fiscal Note
SB 5892 Reducing corrections costs.  Fiscal Note
SB 5931 Clarifying the requirements for health plans offered outside of the exchange.  Fiscal Note
SB 6041 Regarding fish and wildlife law enforcement.  Fiscal Note
SB 6048 Concerning flame retardants.  Fiscal Note
SB 6094 Authorizing the use of jail data for research purposes in the public interest.  Fiscal Note
SB 6095 Concerning background checks for persons with whom dependent children are placed.
Revised for 1st Substitute: Addressing background checks for persons who will have access to children or vulnerable adults.
  Fiscal Note
SB 6172 Protecting Washington citizens from warrantless surveillance, reducing liability, and establishing clear standards under which agencies may utilize unmanned aerial vehicles.  Fiscal Note
SB 6189 Delaying the requirement for increased K-12 instructional hours.  Fiscal Note
SB 6259 Providing a reduced public utility tax for log transportation businesses.  Fiscal Note
SB 6341 Establishing the LEED plus W high-performance public building standard.  Fiscal Note
SB 6344 Addressing the implementation of inmate postsecondary education degree programs to reduce recidivism.  Fiscal Note
SB 6431 Concerning assistance for schools in implementing youth suicide prevention activities.  Fiscal Note
SB 6469 Concerning access to juvenile records. 
SB 6505 Delaying the use of existing tax preferences by the marijuana industry to ensure a regulated and safe transition to the controlled and legal marijuana market in Washington.  Fiscal Note
SB 6573 Changing the effective date of modifications to the aged, blind, and disabled and the housing and essential needs programs.  Fiscal Note
SJM 8005 Requesting that state route number 117 be designated as the POW/MIA Memorial Highway. 
SR 8608 Honoring the achievements of the Montesano High School football team. 
SR 8676 Celebrating the Seattle Seahawks. 
SR 8677 Celebrating the career of Dr. R. James Cook. 

Secondary Sponsored Bills

Bill NumberBrief Description
SB 5029 Creating the Washington investment trust.  Fiscal Note
SB 5033 Making 2013 supplemental operating appropriations. 
SB 5034 Making 2013-2015 operating appropriations.
Revised for 1st Substitute: Making omnibus operating appropriations.
SB 5048 Concerning notice against trespass. 
SB 5057 Regarding outdoor recreation on lands purchased by a private, not-for-profit organization acquired in whole or part with public funds.
Revised for 1st Substitute: Concerning public access to lands acquired in whole or part with public funds.
  Fiscal Note
SB 5059 Concerning the crime of rendering criminal assistance.  Fiscal Note
SB 5063 Regarding ethics in public service.  Fiscal Note
SB 5138 Creating a council on state debt.
Revised for 1st Substitute: Addressing the management of state debt.
  Fiscal Note
SB 5142 Incorporating motorcycles into certain transportation planning. 
SB 5143 Limiting mandatory motorcycle helmet use to persons under the age of eighteen. 
SB 5181 Concerning flame retardants.  Fiscal Note
SB 5197 Requiring additional safety features in school construction and remodeling.
Revised for 2nd Substitute: Taking measures to promote safe school buildings.
  Fiscal Note
SB 5234 Improving behavioral health services provided to adults in Washington state.  Fiscal Note
SB 5241 Concerning nonresident vessel permits and taxation.  Fiscal Note
SB 5276 Regarding the use of designated agricultural lands. 
SB 5283 Concerning a business and occupation tax exemption for the Washington health benefit exchange established under chapter 43.71 RCW.  Fiscal Note
SB 5284 Imposing fees for reseller permits.  Fiscal Note
SB 5285 Increasing excise tax revenue with liquor license renewals.  Fiscal Note
SB 5287 Eliminating accounts and funds.  Fiscal Note
SB 5288 Concerning contracts for health care services for incarcerated offenders.  Fiscal Note
SB 5300 Enhancing wolf management efforts through the promotion of cooperative agreements. 
SB 5308 Establishing the commercially sexually exploited children statewide coordinating committee. 
SB 5337 Modifying expiration dates affecting the department of natural resources' timber sale program.  Fiscal Note
SB 5377 Extending the program establishing Christmas tree grower licensure.  Fiscal Note
SB 5389 Concerning sibling visitation for children in foster care.
Revised for 2nd Substitute: Concerning sibling visitation and sibling contact for children in foster care. (REVISED FOR PASSED LEGISLATURE: Concerning limitations on visitation or contact with children in foster care. )
  Fiscal Note
SB 5404 Concerning the introduction of contraband into or possession of contraband in a secure facility.  Fiscal Note
SB 5437 Regarding boating safety.  Fiscal Note
SB 5442 Protecting the state's interest in collecting deferred property taxes.  Fiscal Note
SB 5456 Concerning detentions under the involuntary treatment act.  Fiscal Note
SB 5487 Providing a minimum term sentence for certain persistent offenders. 
SB 5496 Authorizing approval of online school programs in private schools.  Fiscal Note
SB 5531 Measuring performance of the child welfare system.  Fiscal Note
SB 5578 Exempting certain family day care providers who have been operating for at least five years from any requirement to have a high school diploma or equivalent education. 
SB 5595 Concerning child care reform.  Fiscal Note
SB 5614 Encouraging reconciliation and nonadversarial approaches to dissolution.  Fiscal Note
SB 5616 Concerning the use of farm vehicles on public highways.  Fiscal Note
SB 5634 Clarifying the department of natural resources' authority to enter into cooperative agreements.  Fiscal Note
SB 5638 Addressing the fiscal impacts of bills and budgets.  Fiscal Note
SB 5669 Concerning trafficking.  Fiscal Note
SB 5683 Concerning informed consent and reporting of death for purposes of the death with dignity act. 
SB 5694 Improving protections for incapacitated adults. 
SB 5708 Providing a minimum term sentence for certain persistent offenders. 
SB 5715 Addressing the evasion of taxes by the use of certain electronic means.  Fiscal Note
SB 5803 Concerning claims against public entities.  Fiscal Note
SB 5806 Repealing an obsolete provision for a credit against property taxes paid on timber on public land. 
SB 5812 Providing a business and occupation tax credit for businesses that hire veterans.  Fiscal Note
SB 5813 Supporting youth programs through agricultural fairs.  Fiscal Note
SB 5829 Providing enhanced payment to small rural hospitals that meet the criteria of a sole community hospital. 
SB 5859 Providing enhanced payment to small rural hospitals that meet the criteria of a sole community hospital.  Fiscal Note
SB 5891 Concerning state technology expenditures.  Fiscal Note
SB 5895 Funding education.  Fiscal Note
SB 5898 Increasing education funding, including adjusting school district levy and state levy equalization provisions. 
SB 5899 Concerning communications services reform to fund working connections child care.  Fiscal Note
SB 5904 Concerning high quality early learning.  Fiscal Note
SB 5905 Establishing state employee eligibility for insurance benefits consistent with the employer shared responsibility provisions of the patient protection and affordable care act. 
SB 5906 Maintaining access to state recreational lands managed by the department of natural resources. 
SB 5907 Ensuring no net loss of public access to state recreational lands.  Fiscal Note
SB 5908 Concerning property tax refunds. 
SB 5910 Providing that a quarterly revenue forecast is due on February 20th during both a long and short legislative session year.  Fiscal Note
SB 5958 Concerning accountability in providing opportunities for certain students to participate in transition services.  Fiscal Note
SB 5965 Concerning sexually violent predators.  Fiscal Note
SB 5972 Specifying recovery for fire damages to public or private forested lands.  Fiscal Note
SB 5973 Creating the community forest trust account.  Fiscal Note
SB 6002 Making 2014 supplemental operating appropriations. 
SB 6034 Concerning state parks partnership opportunities.  Fiscal Note
SB 6035 Regarding the safety of ski area conveyances.  Fiscal Note
SB 6040 Concerning invasive species.  Fiscal Note
SB 6044 Establishing career and technical course equivalencies in science and mathematics.  Fiscal Note
SB 6052 Concerning habitat and recreation land acquisitions.  Fiscal Note
SB 6068 Concerning the continuity and stability of child care.  Fiscal Note
SB 6104 Establishing the interactive gaming in schools public-private partnership.  Fiscal Note
SB 6124 Developing a state Alzheimer's plan.  Fiscal Note
SB 6168 Concerning review of licensing and employment decisions by the children's administration.
Revised for 1st Substitute: Concerning licensing and employment decisions by the children's administration.
  Fiscal Note
SB 6197 Concerning pro rata credits for service outages to telecommunications consumers. 
SB 6198 Protecting sport shooting ranges. 
SB 6199 Addressing wildfires caused by incendiary devices. 
SB 6231 Requiring the health care authority to develop a blueprint for the establishment of a federal basic health program. 
SB 6234 Concerning compliance with inspections of child care facilities.  Fiscal Note
SB 6235 Restoring the suspended inflationary increases in educational employee compensation.  Fiscal Note
SB 6247 Recognizing that the right of a parent to make decisions regarding the care, custody, supervision, and administration of his or her child is a fundamental right. 
SB 6255 Modifying references to manufacturing standards for motorcycle helmets. 
SB 6256 Creating a motorcycle road guard certificate.  Fiscal Note
SB 6262 Enhancing the safety of the transportation of oil. 
SB 6282 Modifying drug offender sentencing alternatives.  Fiscal Note
SB 6312 Concerning state purchasing of mental health and chemical dependency treatment services.  Fiscal Note
SB 6318 Providing greater small business assistance by modifying the filing threshold for business and occupation tax purposes.
Revised for 1st Substitute: Providing greater small business assistance by modifying the filing threshold for excise tax purposes.
SB 6333 Concerning tax statute clarifications, simplifications, and technical corrections.  Fiscal Note
SB 6363 Creating the office of the behavioral health ombuds. 
SB 6387 Concerning individuals with developmental disabilities who have requested a service from a program that is already at capacity.  Fiscal Note
SB 6405 Providing greater consistency in how nonprofit tax-exempt property may be used without jeopardizing the property's tax-exempt status.  Fiscal Note
SB 6419 Concerning expanding access to medicaid programs in border communities.  Fiscal Note
SB 6429 Concerning the expiration of the advisory committee on the disproportionate representation of children of color in Washington's child welfare system.  Fiscal Note
SB 6432 Removing references to federal manufacturing standards. 
SB 6436 Creating a work group to make recommendations for the continued viability of the college bound scholarship program. 
SB 6478 Streamlining forest and fish agreement-related programs providing funding with accountability.  Fiscal Note
SB 6483 Creating a competitive grant program to provide additional classroom space to support all-day kindergarten.
Revised for 1st Substitute: Financing facilities to support education reform with general obligation bonds.
  Fiscal Note
SB 6499 Creating the joint task force on local education financing reform. 
SB 6509 Concerning fish barrier removals.  Fiscal Note
SB 6567 Adjusting the oil spill response tax and oil spill administration tax.
Revised for 1st Substitute: Imposing the oil spill response tax and oil spill administration tax on crude oil received by rail.
  Fiscal Note
SB 6569 Clarifying laws relating to tobacco substitutes.  Fiscal Note
SB 6570 Adjusting timelines relating to the hospital safety net assessment.
Revised for 1st Substitute: Adjusting timelines relating to the hospital safety net assessment. (REVISED FOR ENGROSSED: Adjusting timelines for fiscal year 2014 relating to the hospital safety net assessment. )
  Fiscal Note
SB 6574 Improving education financing. 
SJM 8002 Requesting an amendment to the United States Constitution to return the authority to regulate election campaign contributions to congress and state legislatures. 
SJR 8203 Amending the state Constitution to allow a reasonable suspicion standard in certain searches of students on school grounds. 
SR 8604 Honoring the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 
SR 8610 Honoring the career of Senator Bob Morton. 
SR 8611 Reaffirming Washington's commitment to a strong relationship with Taiwan. 
SR 8615 Honoring Washington girls and women in sports. 
SR 8616 Honoring the legacy of women legislators. 
SR 8622 Recognizing Gifted Education Day and Week. 
SR 8623 Offering best wishes for a fulfilling retirement to Consul General Gao Zhansheng. 
SR 8625 Celebrating the 100th birthday of Washington State Parks. 
SR 8626 Honoring athletes who participated in the 2013 Special Olympics. 
SR 8627 Regarding the 2013 Blessing of the Fleet. 
SR 8628 Honoring the life and legislative career of Senator Wojahn. 
SR 8629 Honoring the Seattle Raging Grannies. 
SR 8631 Honoring the legacy of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. 
SR 8632 Recognizing the British Columbia Legislative Internship Program. 
SR 8634 Commemorating the career of U.S. Representative Norm Dicks. 
SR 8639 Celebrating Catholic Schools Week. 
SR 8644 Commending the Independent Colleges of Washington. 
SR 8645 Celebrating Morningside's fiftieth anniversary. 
SR 8652 Recognizing religious freedom in Washington State. 
SR 8655 Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the 1963 American Mt. Everest Expedition. 
SR 8663 Commending Trooper Sean M. O'Connell Jr. for his exemplary service. 
SR 8664 Remembering the life and legacy of Senator Mike Carrell. 
SR 8665 Honoring the life and work of Nelson Mandela. 
SR 8672 Honoring the National Guard. 
SR 8680 Honoring the life and work of Senator Paull Shin. 
SR 8681 Commemorating the 125th anniversary of the Enabling Act. 
SR 8683 Celebrating the accomplishments of Senator George Fleming. 
SR 8686 Honoring Captain William Swenson. 
SR 8687 Acknowledging the seventy-second anniversary of the signing of Executive Order 9066, and recognizing Japanese-American internees and World War II veterans. 
SR 8692 Honoring the life and legacy of Senator R. Ted Bottiger. 
SR 8698 Commemorating the career of J. A. Bricker. 
SR 8702 Celebrating Navy Appreciation Day. 
SR 8705 Recognizing Judi Best. 
SR 8710 Wishing the commercial fishing fleet a safe and prosperous season. 
SR 8712 Recognizing women in leadership.