Meeting Rooms

Contact LIC: (360) 786-7573  |  Legislative Building, Room 106  |  P.O. Box 40600, Olympia, WA 98504-0600

House and Senate Meeting Rooms
Depending upon availability, the House and Senate allow state, federal, and local government agencies and other organizations generally recognized as having business before the legislature to reserve rooms for legislative related purposes.

Hearing and conference rooms are subject to many restrictions on their use and the House and Senate reserve the discretion to pre-empt (cancel) any room reservation as necessary for functions of the Legislature and its individual members. Please contact the individuals below for details:

J.L. O’Brien Office Building -- Billie Schubert - 786-7101



            J.A. Cherberg Office Building -- Cheri Randich - 786-7772 (See Guidelines for Use of Senate Meeting Rooms)



Legislative Building Meeting Rooms and Areas

Senate Democratic Caucus Room: Brenda Fitzsimmons- 786-7642

Senate Majority Coalition Caucus Room: Tina Bodine - 786-7622

Senate Rules Room: Sarah Bannister- 786-7338

House Rules Room - Chief Clerk's Office - 786-7750

Columbia Room - Visitor Tour Office - 360-902-8881

Capitol Rotunda - Visitor Tour Office - 360-902-8881

State Reception Room - Visitor Tour Office - 360-902-8881


Pritchard Building

Washington Room-- Sarah Bannister- 786-7338