2014 Meeting Schedule

Legislative Ethics Board

The regular meeting schedule for 2014 is February 18; April 15: June 17; August 19; October 21; and the December date to be determined later. These meetings are scheduled to start at 12 PM, in Olympia, and the locations will be posted on this site.

June 17, 2014

Senate Hearing Room 3 - John A. Cherberg Building - 12:00 PM

  1. Approval of April Minutes

  2. Complimentary meals – public testimony and Board discussion  (Proposals-Complimentary Food/Beverage-by Frequency - PDF chart)

  3. Discussion – What is “travel” in the context of a legislative tour?

  4. Call for public comment

  5. Recess public meeting and convene in executive session to consider quasi-judicial matters related to pending complaints and prior to determination of reasonable cause.  Estimated time to be announced.

  6. Reconvene the public meeting.  Other or unfinished business. Adjourn