Type Complaint Opinion 
Date 12/18/2013 
Number 13-01 
Topic Complimentary meals for legislators 
Respondent Ericksen, Litzow, Fain, Hewitt and Schoesler 
Alleged that legislators accepted free meals and beverages on more than "infrequent occasions."
RCW 42.52150(5) allows legislators to accept complimentary meals and beverages from lobbyists and others provided the acceptance is infrequent.  The statute does not define "infrequent occasions" and the Board determined that absent a definition it would be unfair to penalize any legislator for meals already accepted.  The Board concluded that after the 2014 regular legislative session it would engage in rule-making in an effort to establish a standard if the Legislature chose not to do so during the session.  The complaint was dismissed and the Board determined no further complaints on this issue would be entertained until a standard was established.
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