Type Complaint Opinion 
Date 1/20/2005 
Number 04-03 
Topic Use of public resources - campaign - legislative address 
Respondent Rep. Al O'Brien 
Complaint alleges the respondent used his state legislative e mail address in responding to a newspaper's candidate profile questionnaire, in violation of RCW 42.52.180.
Board concluded there was reasonable cause to believe that the use of the legislative e mail address was in support of respondent's campaign however the action complained of was inadvertent and minor and further proceedings were not warranted.  Board noted that the campaign related materials were not produced by legislator but were on newspaper's web site that did not state the e mail address was a campaign contact; questionnaire requested both a private and public e mail address; and the fact the respondent did not submit his legislative telephone number in response to a request for a "public" number support the conclusion this was an inadvertent mistake.
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