Type Complaint Opinion 
Date 2/1/2000 
Number 99-05 
Topic Conflict of interest - state agency contract - filing 
Respondent Rep. Ed Murray 
Did the Respondent violate RCW 42.52.020 and/or 42.52.120 by entering into a non-competitive employment contract with the University of Washington and not submitting the contract to the Board to allow a determination of whether the contract was in conflict with the proper discharge of his legislative duties?
No.  Prior to this case the focus of the Board's responsibility to preview filed contracts with state agencies was on personal service contracts so pursuant to that the respondent would not have been expected to file his regular employment contract.  In the future, however, legislators must file for the Board's preview and analysis of conflict of interest most all non-competitive contracts with state agencies regardless of their characterization.  The Board also concluded there was no conflict of interest.  Dismissed.
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