Type Advisory Opinion 
Date 5/28/1996 
Number 96-07 
Topic Use of Public Resources - Congratulatory Letters 
The Board had concluded in AO95-No.17 that it was not an improper use of public resources for a legislator to use office stationary to congratulate a constituent who had achieved an extraordinary civic distinction.  However, RCW 42.17.132 at this time prohibited mailing any letter in an election year unless the constituent had initiated the contact with the legislator.
The Board acknowledged there was nothing improper with congratulatory letters for civic distinction but the technical requirements of 42.17.131 could not be ignored.  The result - a constituent would have to request his or her own congratulatory letter.  The Board recommended the Legislature look at the statute so see if that was its intent.  The Legislature later amended the statute on congratulatory letters so that the consitituent request was not required.  RCW 41.52.185.
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