19 Publications

95-012/9/1995Precedents from Senate, House, and Joint Ethics Board opinions
95-022/9/1995Gifts - Conference Expenses Paid by Third Party
95-032/9/1995Gifts - Contributing to Cost
95-043/3/1995Conflict of Interest - Legislator's Vote
95-053/3/1995Gifts - Reasonable Expectation
95-063/22/1995Conflict of Interest - Contracts - Filing
95-074/6/1995Special Privileges - Legislator's Employer and Clients
95-086/12/1995Personal Use - Frequent Flyer Miles
95-096/8/1995Beneficial Interests in State Contracts - Requirements for Filing
95-106/23/1995Gifts - Reasonable Expectation - Complimentary Tours Provided by Lobbyists
95-116/8/1995Conflict of Interest - Official Duties - Compensation for Teaching
95-126/8/1995Beneficial Interest - Spouse's Contract with State Agency - Filing
95-137/10/1995Gifts - Complimentary Golf Fees
95-146/8/1995Contracts with State Agencies - Filing
95-159/18/1995Gifts - Reasonable Expectation - Spouse's Traveling Expenses
95-1611/21/1995Conflict of Interest - Spouse's Employment
95-1711/21/1995Special Privileges - Private Benefit or Gain - Letters
95-1811/21/1995Normal and Regular Conduct - Ballot Measures - De Minimis
95-1911/21/1995Mailing - Election Year