Type Advisory Opinion 
Date 3/22/1995 
Number 95-06 
Topic Conflict of Interest - Contracts - Filing 
May a legislator advocate for, and vote on, a bill which could result in the legislator's employer being awarded a state contract?  If the employer is awarded the contract, must the legislator file that contract with the Board pursuant to RCW 42.52.130?
The Board said "yes" on the first question, up to the point the employer's competitive bid actually placed it on the short list for consideration.  Under the facts of this case, the potential contract would be between the legislator's employer and a state agency and not between the legislator and the state agency.  The contract would not have to be filed with the Board.  RCW's 42.52.020, 42.52.030 and 42.52.120.
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