Type Complaint Opinion 
Date 1/31/2008 
Number 07-03 
Topic Special Privileges - Private Benefit or Gain 
Respondent Marr, Oemig and Tom 
Complaints alleged that Respondent's use of public resources (state stationery) on behalf of a third party constituted a violation of the ethics act according to standards identified in Advisory Opinion 2006 - No. 1.
The letter in question was appropriate in part and inappropriate in part.  Opinion concludes that reasonable cause did exist to believe the ethics act had been violated by the inappropriate part but the case was dismissed.  Board noted the facts presented a new issue - the mixed use of a letter designed to assist a third party. The board determined that the use of public resources in this fashion will violate the ethics act if the non-legislative use is not de minimis - test to be applied prospectively. RCW 42.52.070 and RCW 42.52.160
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