Type Complaint Opinion 
Date 9/27/2007 
Number 07-01A 
Topic Special privileges - Use of Public Resources - Rep. Haler 
Respondent Rep. Larry Haler 

Complaint alleges Respondent used his position as a state officer to "strong-arm" various local officials and improperly influence local government decisions.


RCW 42.52.070 prohibits a state officer or employee from using their position to secure special privileges or exemptions for themselves or others except within the scope of their employment. The Board determined that (1) no reasonable cause exists to believe the Respondent violated the Ethics Act through the use of his legislative position to "strong-arm" the Richland Mayor and other city officials to ignore a certain business's license problems, or that Respondent used his office to retaliate against the Mayor by seeking an investigation of the Mayor’s personal life; and (2) that no reasonable cause exists to believe that Respondent violated the Act when he threatened to go to the Attorney General with his concerns that State and/or Federal laws may have been violated in the City’s investigation.. Dismissed for lack of reasonable cause.

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