Type Complaint Opinion 
Date 10/18/2006 
Number 06-06 
Topic Use of Public Resources - Leg. Web Site - Campaign 
Respondent Rep. Dunn 
Complaint alleged the Respondent used his legislative web site as a campaign contact in a voter's pamphlet and that this use was a violation of the ethics act.
Respondent utilized a web site  "pointer" which, when clicked on, directed the user to his legislative web site.  This "pointer" was advertised in a voter's pamphlet as Respondent's address for campaign contacts and information.  Board had previously concluded a legislative web site is a "facility of an agency," or a public resource.  There was no evidence of campaign e mail on the legislative web site during the three weeks the "pointer" referred to that site but the opinion concludes it was the Respondent's responsibility to insure his campaign contact information did not include the use of the web site.  Respondent stipulated to a violation of RCW 42.52.180 and a Letter of Correction was issued.
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