Type Complaint Opinion 
Date 7/1/2005 
Number 05-06 
Topic Incompatible offices - conflict of interest 
Respondent Senator Tim Sheldon 
Respondent also serves as county commissioner and complaint alleges dual office holding creates conflict of interest.  RCW 42.52.020
Doctrine of Incompatible Offices is a judicial doctrine and not encompassed within the Ethics Act.  This allegation dismissed for lack of subject matter jurisdiction.  Further, "We decline the invitation to expand the Act so that part time legislators who may hold a second elective office are deemed to be automaticaly in violation of the Act."  No specific facts pled nor evidence produced which identifies any instance of alleged wrongdoing in violation of conflict of interest standards.  This allegation dismissed for lack of reasonable cause. Complaint also cited RCW 42.52.040(1) and 42.52.050.
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