Type Complaint Opinion 
Date 3/21/2003 
Number 03-01 
Topic Personal use of public resources 
Respondent Rep. Richard Deboldt 
The complaint alleged the Respondent used state resources to prepare and mail a personal letter in violation of RCW 42.52.160.  The letter was sent to school district officials complaining of coach's behavior toward respondent's child and her teammates.

Board concluded that in its totality the letter was personal but that the action complained of was minor and no further proceedings were warranted.  When a member has a strong personal interest and benefit, the Board will carefully examine a legislator's "ombudsman" role. Advisory Opinions 1995-No. 17 and 1997-No.1.  Two members of the Board dissented as they would have found there was no reasonable cause to believe the letter violated the Act.

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