Type Complaint Opinion 
Date 10/25/2002 
Number 02-02 
Topic Mailing - Use of public resources by campaign 
Respondent Sen. Jim West 
Several allegations were levied.  An important issue was the allegation that the respondent had his campaign pay for a legislative newsletter which contained legislative addresses and phone numbers.  Marine, C01-05, held that prospectively the legislature's toll free number could not be used in a campaign mailer because the inference was that people could use that number to respond to campaign overtures.  Here, the respondent had expended his two-newsletter limit and used campaign funds to send an additional legislative newsletter which discussed legislative issues.  The newsletter contained a message that the legislative addresses and phone numbers should only be used for legislative business.
Marine is distinguishable on its facts (campaign mailer vs. legislative newsletter paid for by campaign funds with disclaimer) but the Board established guidelines for the future.  In the future, RCW 42.52.180 would be violated by the use of the legislature's toll free number or the use of legislative addresses and/or phone numbers, notwithstanding any disclaimer that these contacts should be utilized only for legislative purposes. 
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