Type Complaint Opinion 
Date 5/27/2002 
Number 02-01 
Topic Gifts - reasonable expectation 
Respondent Rep. Steve Van Luven 
Did respondent's acceptance of $29.50 facsimile NFL football from the Seahawks, subsequent to respondents support of legislation approving a new Seahawk's stadium, constitute a violation of RCW 42.52.140 which, among other things, prohibits acceptance of an item if it could reasonably be considered a reward?
No.  RCW 42.52.140 is the "quid pro quo" statute and the Board is primarily looking for conduct which offers or appears to offer something specific for something specific, "if it could reasonably be expected the gift...would influence the vote...or be considered a reward."  There were no facts in this case to support the conclusion it would be reasonable to assume the football, (1) which was awarded to others and (2) given to the respondent even though he opposed the Seahawk's position on financing the stadium, was a "reward" within the meaning of the prohibition.  Dismissed.
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