Type Complaint Opinion 
Date 9/13/2001 
Number 01-01 
Topic Personal use - state facilities 
Respondent Amber Oien 
Does the "personal use" exception from the prohibition on the use of state resources constitute a defense to the allegation that a legislative employee used those resources to discuss legislative business with family and friends?  RCW 42.52.160 and Board Rule 3.
No.  The Ethics Act and Board Rule 3 prohibit personal use of state resources when such use interferes with the performance of official duties.  "We find that the personal use of the type found in this case improperly interferes with the performance of official duties, even if the use is one-time, de minimis, and performed on an employee's lunch break; our ruling is prospective in nature, given the lack of prior guidance in this area." Dismissed.
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