Type Complaint Opinion 
Date 3/18/1999 
Number 99-01 
Topic Special privileges - campaign contributions - quid pro quo 
Respondent Rep. Tom Mielke, Rep. John Pennington 
It was alleged that Respondents accepted campaign contributions from a group, thereafter pushed the group's agenda, and then intimidated state employees to make certain decisions favorable to the group.  Also alleged that respondents failed to respond to complainant's request to have a meeting.
There was no evidence in support of the intimidation allegation.  Ethics law doesn't require a legislator to respond to a constitutent's request for a meeting.  Acceptance and reporting of permissible campaign contributions is not probative of any alleged violation of the Act nor is the act of "pushing an agenda" of a campaign contributor.  "Quid pro quo" allegation involves looking for conduct which offers or appears to offer something specific in exchange for something specific.  RCW 42.52.070 and 42.52.140.  Dismissed.
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