Type Complaint Opinion 
Date 1/5/1996 
Number 95-04 
Topic Special privileges - soliciting campaign contributions 
Respondent Rep. Scott Smith 
Legislator was an insurance agent and sent a campaign fund-raising letter to other agents stating "I will continue to represent our interests in Olympia, but I need your help to stay there."  Several sections of the Act were alleged to have been violated but basic theme was that the Rep. would work for his insurance colleagues but only if they made a contribution.
No evidence that the Rep. has conditioned his performance of some official duty on a response to funds.  RCW 42.52.110.  No evidence that the Rep. was in violation of the "quid pro quo" provisions of RCW 42.52.140. Board viewed the fund raising letter as "crude," warned legislators to be careful in drafting letters less the perception be that only those who contribute will be represented, and noted that elected officials naturally solicit from those who share views, not oppose them.  Dismissed, no reasonable cause.
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