Labor/Workforce Development
27 Publications

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December 2013Workers’ Compensation Claims ManagementBriefing Report
DateTitleReport Type
December 2012Workers’ Compensation Claims Management: Evaluation DesignBriefing Report
July 2012Workplace Safety and HealthFinal Report
June 2012Workers’ Compensation Claims Management: Evaluation DesignBriefing Report
January 2012Unemployment Insurance Training BenefitsBriefing Report
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September 2005HVAC/R Licensing and Testing Requirements StudyFinal Report
January 2005Follow-up 2003 Performance and Outcome Measure Review - Vocational Rehabilitation Services to Injured WorkersBriefing Report
DateTitleReport Type
January 2004Performance and Outcome Measure Review, Employment Security DepartmentFinal Report
DateTitleReport Type
October 2003Performance and Outcome Measure Review: Vocational Rehabilitation Services to Injured WorkersFinal Report
September 2003Follow-Up: 1998 Workers' Compensation Performance AuditFinal Report
June 2003Follow-Up: 1998-2001 WorkFirst EvaluationsFinal Report
DateTitleReport Type
September 2001Evaluation of Employment Security Department Call CentersFinal Report
June 2001Welfare Reform and WorkFirst: The Challenges of Finding and Keeping a JobBriefing Report
January 2001Welfare Caseload Trends in Washington State 1997-2000 (WSIPP)Final Report
January 2001WorkFirst Evaluation Summary: How Successful Has WorkFirst Been? What Happens Next?Briefing Report
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June 28, 2000Evaluating WorkFirst: Analyses of Cost-Effectiveness, Barriers to Employment, and Job Search ServicesFinal Report
June 2000WorkFirst Evaluation Phase III: Post-Employment ServicesFinal Report
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December 1999Welfare and Employment Outcomes of the WorkFirst ProgramFinal Report
December 1999WorkFirst Evaluation: Phase II Process StudyFinal Report
June 1999WorkFirst Job Search Services - Preliminary Analysis (WSIPP)Final Report
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December 1998Worker's Compensation System Performance AuditFinal Report
December 1998WorkFirst Process Study - Phase IFinal Report
October 1998Washington Conservation Corps Sunset ReviewFinal Report
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December 1997Workforce Employment and Training Sunset ReviewFinal Report
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December 1996JOBS Training ProgramFinal Report
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November 1995Community Diversification Program Sunset ReviewFinal Report
October 1995Pacific Northwest Export Assistance Project Sunset ReviewFinal Report