Human Services
54 Publications

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April 2014Competency to Stand Trial, Phase IIFinal Report
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December 2012Competency To Stand Trial, Phase IBriefing Report
July 2012Involuntary Treatment Judicial CostsFinal Report
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June 2011Analysis of the Unemployment Insurance Training Benefits ProgramBriefing Report
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October 2010Developmental Disabilities Employment and Day ServicesFinal Report
May 2010Information-Sharing and Medicaid Reinstatement for Individuals Released from ConfinementFinal Report
January 2010Review of Child Support GuidelinesFinal Report
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December 2009Health Professions Disciplinary Activities Workload Model ReviewFinal Report
December 2009Performance Audit of the Home Care Quality AuthorityFinal Report
September 2009Medicaid Prescription Drug Purchasing: State Preferred Drug ListFinal Report
January 2009Comparing Costs and Characteristics of Housing Assistance ProgramsFinal Report
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December 2008Health Care Spending FrameworkFinal Report
October 2008Performance Audit of the Prescription Drug ConsortiumFinal Report
October 2008State Health Care Coverage EligibilityFinal Report
January 2008Children's Administration Social Worker QualificationsFinal Report
January 2008Services for Parents to Reunify FamiliesFinal Report
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September 2007Sunset Review: Prescription Drug Affordability ProgramFinal Report
August 2007Follow-up: 2000 Mental Health System Performance AuditStatus Report
July 2007Division of Developmental Disabilities: Analysis of How Services Are PrioritizedFinal Report
May 2007Review of Washington's Public Health SystemFinal Report
January 2007Division of Developmental Disabilities: Analysis of How Services Are PrioritizedInterim Report
January 2007Home Care Quality Authority Performance Review and Supplementary QuestionsFinal Report
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November 2006Basic Health Plan Study - Part 2: Who Is Enrolled? What Services Do They Use?Final Report
June 2006Analysis of Service Coordination in the Department of Social and Health ServicesBriefing Report
June 2006Performance Audit of the Certificate of Need ProgramFinal Report
January 2006Basic Health Plan Study: Part 1Final Report
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November 2005At-Risk Youth StudyFinal Report
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December 2004At Risk Youth StudyStatus Report
October 2004Mental Health Advanced Directives ImpactsBriefing Report
April 2004DSHS Responses to JLARC's Studies of the Division of Developmental DisabilitiesFinal Report
January 2004DSHS Mental Illness Prevalence Study: Follow-up to JLARC's 2000 Mental Health System Performance AuditFinal Report
January 2004Washington Medicaid StudyFinal Report
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June 2003Performance Audit of the Division of Developmental DisabilitiesFinal Report
January 2003Follow-Up: 2000 Mental Health System Performance AuditFinal Report
DateTitleReport Type
December 2002Capital Study of the DDD Residential Habilitation CentersFinal Report
December 2002Performance Audit of Developmental Disabilities DivisionInterim Report
August 2002Children's Mental Health StudyFinal Report
May 2002Developmental Disabilities Division: Caseload and Staffing IssuesInterim Report
May 2002Division of Children and Family Services: Caseload and Staffing IssuesInterim Report
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June 2001Follow-Up: 2000 Mental Health Performance AuditBriefing Report
February 2001Voluntary Placement Program Division of Developmental DisabilitiesBriefing Report
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December 2000Mental Health System Performance AuditFinal Report
December 2000Mentally Ill Offenders: Study of the Impact of 2SSB 6214Final Report
June 2000Division of Child Support (DCS) Performance AuditFinal Report
January 2000Diabetes Cost Reduction Act Sunset ReviewBriefing Report
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December 1999Involuntary Commitment of Mentally Ill Persons: Study of the Impact of SSB 5562Briefing Report
February 1999Division of Developmental Disabilities Management AuditFinal Report
February 1999Quality Assurance of In-Home Care ServicesFinal Report
January 1999Effects of Certificate of Need and Its Possible RepealFinal Report
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June 1997Chronic Public Inebriates Survey ReportFinal Report
January 1997Child Protective Services Performance AuditFinal Report
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December 1995Drug and Alcohol Abuse ProgramsFinal Report
November 1995Birth to Three Years StudyFinal Report
February 1995Study of Nursing Home Regulations in Washington StateFinal Report