Higher Education Tuition Project Update
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Date Published January 2014 
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E2SHB 1795 (2011)
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In 2011, the Legislature passed a bill granting temporary tuition-setting authority to the State’s four-year higher education institutions and directed JLARC to conduct an audit of the impact of tuition-setting authority on student access, affordability, and institutional quality (E2SHB 1795).  JLARC staff found considerable overlap on measures for access and affordability and will use these measures in the study.  There is no consensus in the literature on how to measure “institutional quality,” and the Legislature has not defined the term.  This report identifies three indicators that, at a minimum, JLARC staff will use to assess institutional quality.  It is also an option that the Legislature could explicitly define institutional quality in statute.
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Keywords Higher Education, tuition, access, affordability, institutional quality, universities, colleges 
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