Competency to Stand Trial, Phase II
Report Type Final Report 
Date Published April 2014 
Publication Number 14-1 
SSB 6492 (2012)
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The 2012 Legislature passed a bill (SSB 6492) to “sustainably improve the timeliness of services related to competency to stand trial” and established performance targets for competency evaluations and referrals to state hospitals.  The Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) is not consistently meeting the statutory performance targets and has not implemented its plan to address new requirements.  The agency has also struggled to provide accurate and timely performance information, and it has not completed the basic planning and analysis necessary to identify the best approach to meet the targets.  This report identifies the kinds of analysis the agency can undertake to help identify the best path forward.  Three Legislative Auditor recommendations are intended to help DSHS meet statutory requirements and manage its resources.  Two recommendations are intended to improve coordination and communication among the judicial system partners involved in competency services.
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Keywords Competency, DSHS, jail, hospital, western state, eastern state 
Category Human Services