Trout Production
Report Type Final Report 
Date Published February 2013 
Publication Number 13-3 
2012 Supplemental Operating Budget (3ESHB 2127)
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The Legislature directed JLARC to identify the availability of alternative approaches to trout production and to compare WDFW’s trout production costs with the alternative’s costs. Alternatives are available and WDFW currently uses five of them. The Department approaches trout production in a business-like manner but it does not track hatchery costs by fish species and size. This inhibits the Department’s ability to compare costs with alternative approaches. Based on cost estimates that JLARC obtained during this study, it appears that both WDFW and the private sector may be able to supply rainbow trout for competitive prices. The Legislature will not know with certainty whether these estimates apply more broadly until: 1) the Department collects hatchery cost information by species and size, and 2) formal bids are available showing the prices private growers would charge. JLARC recommends that WDFW develop a process that allows the Department to collect fish production cost data by species and size at each of WDFW’s hatcheries for comparison to private sector prices.
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