Involuntary Treatment Judicial Costs
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Date Published July 2012 
Publication Number 12-5 
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In 2011, the Legislature provided a process, effective July 1, 2012, for counties to be reimbursed for judicial services costs associated with involuntary mental health civil commitments. The intent of the legislation (SSB 5531) is to “prevent the burden of these costs from falling disproportionately on the counties or regional support networks where the commitments are most likely to occur.” In the bill, JLARC was directed to assess the direct costs counties incur when providing judicial services associated with involuntary commitments, analyze cost differences among counties, and investigate methods for and identify factors associated with the periodic updating of judicial costs. JLARC found that actual cost data are not available and that estimates suggest a wide range in average case costs. JLARC provides two recommendations for improving the expenditure and case data, and offers possible methods for updating rates to account for changes over time.
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