Alternative Public Works Procedures Sunset Review
Report Type Final Report 
Date Published February 2013 
Publication Number 13-2 
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The 2007 Legislature revised statutes that allow public bodies to use alternative procedures to contract for public works construction. Alternative public works contracting procedures depart from the traditional method of selecting contractors based on price after design is complete. Instead, alternative procedures allow public bodies to select contractors based on qualifications early in design so that the contractor can participate in the design process. The statute includes a sunset provision; if the Legislature does not renew the authority for alternative public works procedures in 2013, the authority will expire. JLARC recommends that the Legislature continue this authority because it provides options for managing construction risk and because public bodies in Washington follow requirements established to ensure that alternative procedures are used in the public interest. JLARC further recommends that the Capital Projects Advisory Review Board focus its efforts on collecting project data that strengthens its ability to provide timely recommendations on construction and contracting policy.
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Keywords alternative, construction, contracting, GCCM, DBB, design-bid, build, job order 
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