Department of Early Learning Review
Report Type Final Report 
Date Published July 2010 
Publication Number 10-7 
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Overall, the Department (DEL) has complied with legislative requirements, but there has not been substantial progress with the integration of programs. There is no adopted statewide assessment available yet to evaluate the quality of the state’s early learning programs or the extent to which children are ready for school. JLARC sampled paper checklists that DEL uses to monitor compliance with health and safety standards across more than 7,600 licensed child care facilities. On average, facilities complied with 14 of 17 health and safety standards. However, full compliance with all 17 standards was low. There are also health and safety standards for Early Childhood Education Assistance Program (ECEAP) contractors providing preschool education. But, there is not comparable data available to analyze each of the 268 individual ECEAP sites. Recommendations are provided to improve the management and controls for monitoring the child care and early education settings which DEL regulates. The review also includes an analysis of subsidized child care affordability and availability.

Sylvia Gil, Analyst
John Bowden, Analyst
Keenan Konopaski, Project Supervisor


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Number of Pages 40 
Keywords early learning, child care facilities 
Category Education