Health Professions Disciplinary Activities Workload Model Review
Report Type Final Report 
Date Published December 2009 
Publication Number 09-10 
SHB 2974
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In 2006, the Legislature passed Substitute House Bill 2974 that required the Department of Health to develop and use a workload formula for health professions disciplinary activities. SHB 2974 also directed JLARC to look at the Department’s workload formula. The report concludes that the Department’s workload model is based on reliable and statistically valid data collected from a workload study that used random work sampling, a commonly accepted method for analyzing staff time and resources. While the Department is currently in compliance with the legislative mandate to develop a workload formula for disciplinary activities, the report recommends a formal process for periodic updates to help ensure compliance in the future. The report also recommends additional clarity of legislative intent regarding use of workload models at a current pilot program.
Elisabeth Donner, Analyst
Ruta Fanning, Project Supervisor


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Number of Pages 30 
Keywords Department of Health, health professions, investigations 
Category Human Services