Performance Audit of the Prescription Drug Consortium
Report Type Final Report 
Date Published October 2008 
Publication Number 08-9 

SSB 5471

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In 2005, the Legislature passed SSB 5471 which authorized the creation of the Prescription Drug Purchasing Consortium.  The Legislature directed the Health Care Authority to establish and administer the Consortium and required eight state health care programs that purchase prescription drugs directly or reimburse pharmacies to be part of the Consortium, unless greater cost savings could be achieved through federal programs or other purchasing arrangements. The Consortium is to be open to units of local government, private entities, labor organizations, and uninsured and underinsured individuals on a voluntary basis.  The study examines compliance with statutory requirements and whether the Consortium has led to cost savings and health outcome improvements.


John Bowden, Analyst
Ruta Fanning, Project Supervisor


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Keywords prescription, drug, consortium, purchase, health, pharmacies 
Category Human Services