Services for Parents to Reunify Families
Report Type Final Report 
Date Published January 2008 
Publication Number 08-1 

SHB 1333

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SHB 1333 (2007) required JLARC to analyze gaps throughout the state in the availability and accessibility of services identified in the federal Adoption and Safe Families Act. This study focuses specifically on services for parents that enable the reunification of families after children have been placed in the state's care. In the absence of available information sources, we conducted surveys of parents, social workers working with the parents, and service providers serving those parents. The study primarily consists of our analysis of the results of those surveys. While the surveys indicated the availability and accessibility of services varies, statewide over 80 percent of parents responding to our survey reported being able to participate in 17 of 19 services.  The study offers recommendations concerning two statutory compliance issues: future reporting on parents' access to services; and the statutory prohibition on limiting parent-child visits as a sanction for parents' failure to comply with court orders or services. 


Cynthia L. Forland, Analyst
Ruta Fanning, Project Manager

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Keywords adoption services, parenting services, parenting, parents, family act, safe family, SFA, SHB 1333, DSHS, Department of Social and Health Services, parent survey, survey of parents, parent needs, abandonment, abuse, neglect, social worker, social workers 
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