Home Care Quality Authority Performance Review and Supplementary Questions
Report Type Final Report 
Date Published January 2007 
Publication Number 07-2 
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Initiative 775 (Chapter 3, Laws 2002) established the Home Care Quality Authority (HCQA) in December 2001. The Initiative directs JLARC to conduct a performance review of the Authority every two years, beginning by December 1, 2006. The review analyzes the HCQA’s implementation of the duties defined in the Initiative and includes analysis of a number of supplementary quality-of-care questions raised by Initiative 775. The review finds that HCQA has met its statutory duties and recommends that HCQA update its performance targets and report back to JLARC by June 30, 2007. The report also recommends that the Legislature review the on-going requirement for a biennial JLARC study to ensure that the timing and questions to be answered in future reviews best meet the needs of the state.
Fara Daun, Analyst
John Woolley, Analyst
Sylvia Gil, Analyst
Ruta Fanning, Project Supervisor
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Number of Pages 68 
Keywords Home Care Quality Authority, HCQA, quality of care 
Category Human Services