Basic Health Plan Study - Part 2: Who Is Enrolled? What Services Do They Use?
Report Type Final Report 
Date Published November 2006 
Publication Number 06-9 
ESSB 6090
(2005-07 Operating Budget) 
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The 2005-07 Operating Budget directs JLARC to conduct a two-part review of the state’s Basic Health Plan, which provides health insurance coverage to low-income residents of Washington State. Part 1 of the study, which was completed in January 2006, examined the extent to which the program’s policies and procedures promote or discourage the provision of appropriate, high-quality, cost-effective care for enrollees. Part 2 of the study focuses on the characteristics of Basic Health Plan enrollees and their use of health care services. This report includes information on the following areas: length of enrollment; reasons for enrolling; health coverage prior to enrolling; health coverage of household members; use of health care services; and employment.

Cynthia L. Forland, Ph.D., Analyst
Lisa Jeremiah, Analyst
Ruta Fanning, Project Supervisor
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Number of Pages 60 
Category Human Services