Performance Audit of the Certificate of Need Program
Report Type Final Report 
Date Published June 2006 
Publication Number 06-6 
E2SHB 1688
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In 2005, the Legislature directed JLARC to conduct a performance audit of the Department of Health’s (DOH) administration and implementation of the Certificate of Need Program. The same bill created a task force to study and prepare recommendations on improving and updating the state’s Certificate of Need Program and to consider the results of JLARC's audit in developing its recommendations. The Certificate of Need Program reviews proposals for certain health care facilities and services to ensure that they will meet a community need, will provide quality services, and are financially feasible and will foster containment of health care costs. The report's recommendations cover six areas for improvement: 1) timeliness of decision-making; 2) criteria for decision-making; 3) data availability; 4) ensuring consistency in decisions; 5) monitoring approved projects; and 6) reporting program information to the public. 

Lisa Jeremiah, Analyst
Cynthia L. Forland, Ph.D., Analyst
John Bowden, Analyst
Ruta Fanning, Project Supervisor

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Number of Pages 52 
Keywords Certificate of Need, hospital, hospice, kidney center, dialysis center, DOH, Department of Health 
Category Human Services