Refresh of Preservation Information in Comparable Framework
Report Type Final Report 
Date Published March 2006 
Publication Number 06-5 
ESSB 6094
(2005-07 Capitol Budget)
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The 2005 Capital Budget assigned JLARC the task of refreshing preservation information about state college and university facilities.  This information includes ratings on the condition of buildings and the level of maintenance and repair backlogs for higher education facilities.  Such information is provided as a framework to support the statutorily prescribed higher education capital project ranking process outlined in RCW 28B.76.220.  The Committee will be briefed on major changes since the framework was last examined in 2003.  The updated information includes summary charts, tables, profiles, and the 2006 framework inventory database.  The refreshed framework will be made available for use by the Higher Education Coordinating Board, Office of Financial Management, and the House Capital and Senate Ways & Means Committees.
Karen Barrett, Analyst
Ruta Fanning, Project Supervisor
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Category Education