20 Publications

DateTitleReport Type
November 2005Alternative Learning Experience Programs StudyFinal Report
November 2005At-Risk Youth StudyFinal Report
November 2005K-12 School Spending and Performance ReviewFinal Report
October 2005Business Process Review of Environmental Permitting for Transportation ProjectsFinal Report
October 2005Review of Accountability Mechanisms for Washington State Department of TransportationFinal Report
September 2005DNR Grazing Lands StudyFinal Report
September 2005HVAC/R Licensing and Testing Requirements StudyFinal Report
September 2005Salmon Recovery EffortsStatus Report
September 2005Targeted Performance Audit of the Washington State Patrol: Cost Allocation StudyFinal Report
June 2005Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Fire Suppression Policy StudyFinal Report
June 2005General Contractor/Construction Manager Procedures StudyFinal Report
June 2005Higher Education Capital Facilities Studies: Expanding the Comparable FrameworkFinal Report
March 2005University of Washington Metro Tract Report: 2005 UpdateFinal Report
February 2005Alternative Learning Experience Programs StudyInterim Report
February 2005K-12 School Bus Bidding and Purchasing StudyFinal Report
February 2005Performance Audit of Capital Budget ProcessesFinal Report
January 2005Follow-up 2003 Performance and Outcome Measure Review - Vocational Rehabilitation Services to Injured WorkersBriefing Report
January 2005Follow-up: 2001 Investing in the Environment Performance AuditBriefing Report
January 2005Overview of Environmental Permitting for Transportation ProjectsFinal Report
January 2005Overview of Washington State Department of Transportation Capital Project ManagementFinal Report