K-12 School Spending and Performance Review
Report Type Final Report 
Date Published November 2005 
Publication Number 05-19 
JLARC-Sponsored study
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As part of its 2003-05 work plan, JLARC initiated this study of school spending and performance assessment within the K-12 system.  This study describes: (1) district and school budgeting processes and expenditures; (2) the types of performance assessments districts and schools use to understand student performance; (3) data that the state collects on districts and schools; and (4) alternative approaches in other states and school districts to budgeting and reporting school-level expenditures.  The study concludes with issues for the Legislature to consider before beginning any effort to change district budgeting or reporting practices.

Stephanie Hoffman, Analyst
Lisa Jeremiah, Analyst
Ruta Fanning, Project Manager

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Number of Pages 80 
Keywords K-12, District, Spending 
Category Education