DNR Grazing Lands Study
Report Type Final Report 
Date Published September 2005 
Publication Number 05-13 
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The 2004 Capital Budget directed JLARC to look into the question, “Does the grazing program make money for trust beneficiaries?”  This study provides a review of the special trust land legal and policy environment in which DNR manages this program, and offers two different perspectives in response to the study mandate: first, a more narrow look at program revenues and expenditures, then a more broad look at an array of costs and benefits through development of a grazing program benefit cost assessment model.  The report recommends that DNR should own the model created as a result of this study in order to examine policy and management options as needed.
Linda Byers, Analyst
Ruta Fanning, Project Supervisor
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Number of Pages 115 
Keywords Department of Natural Resources, grazing, cows, rangeland, DNR 
Category Economic Development/Natural Resources