Follow-Up: Higher Education Facilities Preservation Study
Report Type Final Report 
Date Published August 2003 
Publication Number 03-8 
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The JLARCs Higher Education Facilities Preservation Study (Report 03-1), released in January of this year, made four recommendations to improve facility preservation budgeting and accountability, reduce preservation and maintenance backlogs over time, and continue the collection and reporting of comparable facilities information across public colleges and universities in Washington.  The 2003 Legislature took significant steps towards implementing these recommendations by:  appropriating approximately $150 million for backlog reduction, adopting the Facilities Condition Index (FCI) to measure college and university progress towards improving building conditions, establishing a new prioritization process for higher education capital projects, and directing JLARC to sustain and expand the Comparable Framework during the 2003-05 Biennium.   This follow-up report discusses the status of JLARCs recommendations in light of the Legislatures final budget and policy decisions, and outlines the new directives to JLARC in the 2003-05 Capital Budget.

Tom Sykes, Project Supervisor
Karl Herzog
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Category Education