Follow-Up: 1998-2001 WorkFirst Evaluations
Report Type Final Report 
Date Published June 2003 
Publication Number 03-4 
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JLARC has been evaluating Washington States welfare reformWorkFirstsince its beginning in 1997 and initiated this follow-up to its previous studies.  Since the last report in June 2001, the first clients have reached the five-year lifetime limit, and the state has faced a difficult economy.  This JLARC study finds that only 4 percent of the caseload required extensions beyond five years assistance, the caseload has remained stable, the program's performance measures are appropriate, and appear to be used at all levels of the program.  The report also highlights future trends to be monitored, especially the growth in the child-only caseload.

Debbie Frazier, Project Supervisor
Eric Thomas
Isabel Munoz-Colon
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Number of Pages 37 
Category Labor/Workforce Development