Follow-Up: 2002 Study of the Washington Management Service
Report Type Final Report 
Date Published September 2002 
Publication Number 02-9 
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This mandated study, released in January 2002, found that the number of Washington Management Service (WMS) employees has increased steadily since it was established in 1993, at a rate that exceeds that for non-WMS employees. In an addendum to the report, JLARC indicated its concern over the programs rate of growth, and requested the Department of Personnel (DOP) to examine and report back to the Committee on the extent to which positions within the WMS meet all current statutory and administrative system eligibility requirements. JLARC also requested DOP to provide information on WMS employees by gender and by the counties in which they are employed. The DOP report outlines its findings and details the actions it has and will take in response to those findings and to JLARC’s addendum.
Tom Sykes, Project Supervisor
Robert Krell
, Analyst
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Category State/Local Government